The World Zionist Congress: A Chance for Jewish American Voices To Be Heard

January 17, 2020
Yakirah Mitchel

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Class of 2020

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When the Religious Action Center (RAC) published an application for their World Zionist Congress: Get Out The Vote! Fellowship, I knew I had to apply. I hadn’t heard of the World Zionist Congress before, but after reading about the promotion of civic engagement and Israeli education, I couldn’t think of something better for me. I have always been excited about politics, and interested in the government. After going to Kallah this past summer and truly forming my own opinion on Israel and a better understanding of the conflict and their government, I have been passionate to have conversations and raise awareness. 

Through the fellowship, it is up to a select group of teens to educate adult Jews in our communities through our synagogues about the World Zionist Congress. Voting for the WZC will take place remotely between January and March 2020, and then delegates will be sent to Israel on behalf of all of the “slates.” 

Because the RAC is based on reform values, we are promoting voting with the ARZA slate, but there are many other slates you could vote on, and ones from different countries. 

Often in our communities, there is a discussion of frustration surrounding Israeli politics, and how the voices and opinions of American Jews don’t really matter. The World Zionist Congress proves this not to be true and gives us a direct chance to make an impact on what occurs in the holy land. 

Although I will not be old enough to vote in the WZC, I hope that I am able to encourage those who are to do so on behalf of our common values.

Yakirah Mitchel is a BBG from Michigan Region, has been a vegetarian her whole life, and loves garbanzo beans.

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