Ready to 'WOW' all your friends?

In AZA and BBG, you have the power to plan any kind of event in your community. To get you started—or for inspiration—check out AZA and BBG's Movement and Chapter Initiatives or one of the Chapter Showcase programs featured at International Convention. These experiences are a great way to introduce AZA and BBG to new members, engage current members, and showcase the best of what BBYO has to offer.

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Need a little help funding your event? Apply for a Gamechanger Grant to help make it happen.

Movement Initiatives

Movement Initiatives are our signature, highly visible, annual programs that can introduce and engage new, current, and future members to BBYO locally, nationally and internationally. Happening around the same time, and across the Order, these community-wide ‘WOW’ events are a powerful (and fun) reminder that every member and chapter is part of something bigger than themselves.

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Chapter Initiatives

Chapter Initiatives are high quality, plug and play programs that are fun, educational, and help make a difference in the world. Created by our members and inspired by our interests, these programs take on hot topics and some of our world's most pressing issues. Check out these initiatives and find the program that best fits your chapter.

Think you have the next big Chapter Initiative idea? Email the AZA & BBG Team with your pitch.

Featured Initiatives

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Chapter Showcase Programming

Each year at International Convention, chapters submit programs to be featured in the Chapter Showcase. Check out the best programs from the past few years to replicate in your community.

Gamechanger Grants

As our Movement grows so does our ability to innovate programming, execute big ideas, and turn our dreams into a reality. We know that many big ideas come with a price tag which is why we are offering multiple innovation grants that your chapter or community can apply for. We want there to be no barrier to your ability to make a difference, make an impact, and make our community stronger. Explore the current available grants in the tabs below to inspire what you could do for your next event.