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The Greatest Legacy to Leave in BBYO Starts Here

One of the greatest legacies any Aleph or BBG can leave is starting a new chapter or launching a new community in their council, region, or country. This is one of the fastest ways to grow BBYO around the world.

But why would you start a new chapter? Great question. There are three important questions to think about when it comes to chapter start-up:

  1. Does your chapter have enough leadership opportunities for everyone involved?

  2. Are there specialized groups of people in your community that could form a chapter (e.g., Summer camp alumni or Russian-speaking Jews)?

  3. Is there a city, town, or suburb in your area that has Jewish people, but no chapter?

There are many reasons to start a new chapter. Utilize these tools below to guide you through the process for creating and sustaining a new AZA, BBG, or BBYO chapter.

Chartering Process

Follow these steps to officially launch your AZA, BBG, or BBYO chapter. If you're looking for a Name Change Petition, head here. For more information, check out the Chapter Chartering Process Overview.

Start Up

A BBYO Start Up is a body of teens interested in starting a new chapter. In this stage, you're building a network of teens, parents, and community partners. We want to help you out—let us know what you're starting!

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Temporary Chapter

A Temporary Chapter is a group of at least 12 teens formally committed to building AZA and BBG in their community. You'll begin to establish your goals and benchmarks as a chapter and choose your name! Request a temporary charter.

Request Charter

Permanent Charter

A Permanent Chapter is a group of at least 12 teens who have achieved the benchmarks set out in their Temporary Charter and established sustainable culture, systems, and structures. Request a permanent charter and chapter number.

Request Charter