Stay Organized and Beat Stress

May 29, 2019
Anna Schulman

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Class of 2021

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Are you that person who always goes to sleep past midnight? Or always procrastinates? What about always having too much to do and not enough time to do it? You’re not alone.

School work, BBYO, and other extracurriculars often pile up and I find myself very stressed about getting my work done. I have found that the following tips are beyond helpful for being organized and the best version of myself!

1. Keep a color coordinated calendar. This is the most helpful advice I can give. I found that having all my tasks written down in a grid format can be extremely helpful. I have different colors for my various activities: school, clubs, sports, BBYO, and mandatory activities (doctor’s appointments, chores, family events, and so on). ‍

2. Use a planner or app for homework. In middle school, we were strongly encouraged to write down our homework for every class. Now, we are left to remember school work on our own, and not everyone can remember everything. Even if you think you’ll remember everything, writing down your homework reinforces in your brain the reminder that you have work to do. I personally use the app Google Keep to stay organized with school work.

3. Write a to do list before you go to sleep for the next day. These lists do not have to be detailed, but writing out the things that need to get done the next day, helps! This can include any long term homework assignments, club meetings, a shopping list, or anything else that you know needs to be completed tomorrow. This can really help to relieve some stress and calm down your thoughts before bed about what you have to do the next day.

4. Use your phone to stop using your phone. I know, that sounds confusing. This might be very challenging, but setting time limits for social media or that app you’re addicted to can be very beneficial! It takes a while to adjust and realize that time limits are for the best, but using this strategy will cut down procrastination and leave time for the valuable and important parts of life.

5. Write down your thoughts. Keeping a journal to write down your thoughts when you’re elated or frustrated can be super helpful to reduce stress. Sometimes, all I write in my daily journal is my to do list for the next day, whereas other nights I journal about my day. Journaling takes some adjustment to get used to, and you might dread it some days. Writing out a to-do list on days where you don’t feel like journaling is the perfect swap. Studies have even shown that just writing in a journal can reduce stress and anxiety! It is also such a great memory to look back at.

I hope this has inspired you to take up at least one of these organizational tips to help with procrastination and stress. Sometimes, planning out all the thoughts in your head can be the most helpful, yet the most simple, task you can easily accomplish!

Anna Schulman is a BBG from New England Region who loves going to the beach, skiing, and taking pictures.

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