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California Wildfires

Our hearts across BBYO's global movement are with those in the areas impacted by the wildfires around the State of California. While we are grateful that so many of our members, advisors, alumni, partners, and their families lives are safe, we are saddened to learn of those with challenges ahead. It's clear that there will be significant time to rebuild and BBYO will stand with you for as long as it takes.

Take Action Now

We are committed to keeping the programs in BBYO's Pacific Western Region and Central Region West running over the weeks and months ahead. As always, BBYO will be a gathering place where Jewish teens can have fun, share support, and deepen connections to their Jewish heritage alongside lifelong friends. For those families whose homes were affected by the wildfires, BBYO is committed to ensuring money is not an issue in attending conventions (local and international), summer programs, or purchasing a membership. We are committed to ensuring that finances are never a barrier to participation.

BBYO's response efforts are a part of AZA and BBG's International Service Fund (ISF) crisis response campaign. We are committed to raising money and supporting victims of natural disasters. Learn more about the ISF here.

ויאמרו נקום ובנינו, ויחזקו ידיהם לטובה

"'Let us rise up and build.' So they strengthened their hands for the good work." (Nehemia 2:18)

Donate to the Relief Effort

Your dollars go a long way to support victims and rebuilding homes and institutions. Consider giving to one of the funds below to help with the relief efforts happening right now.

Rebuilding Jewish Institutions

Many Jewish organizations have set up relief funds to begin rebuilding the synagogues, camps, schools, and institutions impacted by the fires. Help our community by giving to our growing list of funds below.

For Our Friends on the Ground

We know the weeks and months to come are going to be extremely difficult. We are compiling a growing list of resources to help you and your families through this challenging time.

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Show our BBYO family you're with them. Send words of support to those affected in two ways:

Stand with us to show your support and join with us as we rebuild.