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The ILN is the core of our Movement's leadership around the world. This network builds, shapes, and leverages the power of Jewish teens to strengthen our priorities, connect our communities, and develop new leaders. There are so many opportunities for members from every community, regardless of position, grade, or past experience, to raise their hand to help build our Movement.

Please share ILN opportunities with Alephs or BBGs that you think can make a difference in our Order. Everyone should have the opportunity to apply, so spread this to as many of your friends as possible.

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Create a profile to apply for or join committees, clubs, and experiences. Write down the pin you create when setting up your profile to make joining any team quick and easy. You can update your profile or information anytime. If you have any issues, send us an email.

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Opportunities for teens to work together to plan events, mobilize the Movement, or work toward a shared goal on a project.
These roles are appointed or selected





99th and 79th Grand and International
Board Declarations

Declarations for the 99th Grand Board of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the 79th International Board of the B'nai B'rith Girls are now open.


Aleph Engagement 📘

Work with Alephs and BBYO professionals to advance BBYO's engagement, recruitment, hosting, and program strategies to reach, inspire, and involve more Alephs


BBYO On Demand 🎙

Curate, build, and run creative, engaging, and unique digital content for the Movement


Opens June 2023

BBYO Sings 🎸

Cohort of musical leaders within BBYO learn how to lead their peers in worship, songleading, and community building through music


Opens Late 2022

Climate Crisis 🏞️

Passionate BBYO teens gather to fight the urgent climate crisis and fight for sustainability and climate awareness across the BBYO Movement and around the world


Reopens late 2022

Code of Conduct and Community Agreements Review Committee 📝

Work with BBYO teens and staff to review the BBYO Code of Conduct & Community Agreements to ensure it reflects, respects, upholds, and celebrates the commitments that members of BBYO make to teens, families, and Jewish communities worldwide. This committee is for teens who hold a regional board position and will be capped at 10 teens.


Opens June 2023

Gamechanger Innovation Granting 💸

Choose gamechanger grant recipients, coach chapters to meet (and surpass!) their goals, and raise the bar on chapter program excellence


Opens June 2023

Global Advisory Committee 🌏

Focus on mobilizing, strengthening, and amplifying our Movement's global representation and connectivity. This by-application committee will serve during between June 1, 2022 - June 1, 2023.


Opens Early 2023

Global Israel Fellowship 🇮🇱

The Global Israel Fellowship a unique, fully funded opportunity that provides a constructive space for young teen leaders from around the world to learn about, grapple with, explore, and engage with Israel


IC Band 🎶

Join the incredible teen band that will kick off BBYO's 98th International Convention Opening Ceremonies


IC Steering 📋

Build and shape the experiences, services, and programs that come together to create BBYO International Convention


Jewish Enrichment Target Chapters 🙌

Work one-on-one with one of BBYO's Jewish Enrichment Consultants to elevate Jewish programming in your chapter.


Opens June 2023

Leven Global Leadership Academy 🌍

Elite cohort that learns marketable skills, hears from industry experts, and has unique leadership experiences


Opens June 2023

Leven Global Leadership Academy Mentors 🤝

Invitation for all Leven Global Leadership Academy alumni to apply to serve as a mentor for a member of the upcoming cohort of the Leven Global Leadership Academy


Opens June 2023

Maimonides Moot Court ⚖️

Maimonides Moot Court Competition (MMCC) is a program for high school students to grapple with modern ethical challenges through a prism of Jewish legal tradition


Opens June 2023

Membership 🎉

Celebrate all things BBYO membership growth and goals, welcome new members, and support new chapters


Reopens late 2022

Press Corps 📸

Cohort of creatives that capture stories from around the Movement for The Shofar: The International Newsletter of AZA & BBG, produce content for BBYO's social platforms, and run The Shofar LIVE


Opens June 2023

Program Bank 💡

In its inaugural year, this committee will collect, evaluate, format, and publish ongoing submissions from chapters around the world to build our BBYO Program Bank. This group of teens and staff will meet weekly to design strategies to promote the Program Bank, review and share new programs, and steward excellent programming throughout the Movement.


Opens June 2023

Rise Up ✡️

Fight the rise of antisemitism around the world by working on educational experiences, programming, speakers, legislation, and partners


Reopens late 2022

Summer Coordinators 🌳

Serve in one of BBYO’s most esteemed leadership roles to help recruit and build experiences for CLTC or Camp BBYO


Opens June 2023

Tech Roadmap 📱

Help gather insights, select products, and shape the future of technology at BBYO as we build out a Technology Roadmap for the Movement


Opens June 2023


Clubs are groups focused on building community around a topic, hobby, shared identity, or passion. They are open to all members. On average, clubs meet once a month.

Any member, anywhere can be a Club Host.
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These opportunities are open to everyone

Architecture and Engineering Design Club 🏛️

Interested in learning about architectural design, structural building engineering, and urban mega projects? This club is perfect for aspiring architects and engineers, or Alephs and BBGs who are simply interested in design.

Club Host: Jordan Lustig, Greater Jersey
Hudson River: Central

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Art & Wellness 🎨

Passionate about art or mental health? Join this club to connect with a community of Alephs and BBGs that share your hobbies and let your creativity flow. We can't wait to see you at our next program!

Club Host: Noa Sussan, Nassau Suffolk

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Baking BBYO 🍪

Like to bake and don't know where to start? This is your club! Each holiday we would bake goods related to the holiday or BBYO, we will have fun making simple to complicated recipes as  pretzels and frosting to hamentashen.

Club Host: Emma Gornstein, Hudson Valley

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BBG Ruach 👭

The BBG Ruach club will work to help chapter leaders bring new and old traditions back into their home communities and unite members through siblinghood.  We will teach BBGs how to recruit more members to their chapters and to make our network stronger.

Club Hosts: Izzy Levine, Gold Coast; Ellie Malka, Evergreen; Ilana Rubenstein, Greater Jersey Hudson River: Northern; Emma Vesely, Big Apple

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BBYO for Reproductive Rights 🪧

Raise Your Voice! In this Club, we are standing up for causes for advocating for social justice reform in our world today. Join us to fight for reproductive rights in a peaceful and legal way!

Club Hosts: Jess Holan, Eastern: North Carolina

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BBYO Green Team ♻️

Let’s talk all things GREEN! the BBYO Green Team will focus on the impact and importance of progressing towards a net zero carbon emission lifestyle. Join other BBYO citizens and stewards of the planet as we decrease our carbon footprint.

Club Hosts: Ariella Ayenesazan, Greater Atlanta; Sara-Elah Hoffman, Northern Region East: DC

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BBYO Summer Hype Club ⛱️

Looking to connect with your summer friends? This club is the place where Aleph’s and BBG’s around the world gather, ask questions about summer programs, and make friends with other teens going on their summer programs. #BBYOsummer2023

Club Hosts: Sophie Tiger and Reese Fishelman: Greater Jersey Hudson River: Central

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BBYO Votes 🗳️

BBYO Votes: a guide to implementing voter education into your community. Join us to support democracy around the world!

Club Host: Bianca Cherry, Pacific Western

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Book Buffet 📚

Reading & Chill? If you’re up for it, sign up for the Book Buffet club to read, share your thoughts and opinions on your book of choice and, of course, meet some new friends around the Order.

Club Host: Mihaela Grigorova, Bulgaria

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Coffee Talk ☕️

Coffee lover or not? Doesn't matter! Come connect with other Jewish teens from around the world. This is a space were we gather to watch shows, share reflections, and join in some special and fun activities. Doesn’t matter where you are located, join if you are looking to have fun and make new friends from around the Order!

Club Host: Ella Rosenblatt, Big Apple; Sylvie Sherman, Manhattan

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Community Engagement 👥

The Community Engagement Club will bring teens together from all BBYO Communities around the Order to problem solve and bring their community to new heights. Join us to network, work together, and create a stronger BBYO future through this knowledge and resource exchange.

Club Host: Madison Landau, Greater Jersey Hudson River: Central

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Explore Israel 🇮🇱

Hub of idea generation, open conversation, and resource collection to bring Israel awareness and dialogue to the AZA & BBG experience around the world.

Club Host: Ofir Shinhertz, BBYO's Central Shaliach

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Exploring Views of G-d 👀

Join us to explore your Judaism and different views of G-d in an open and accepting community.

Club Host: Noah Paradise, Greater Jersey Hudson River: Central

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Fashionably You 👗

Think you have the best outfit? Fashionably You is a hub for sharing fashion creations, outfits, and the influence fashion has on your life. Imagine being able to discuss how fashion has an influence around the world!

Club Host: Cayla Laiserin, Mountain

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Fitness 💪

Love working out, staying fit, and getting your sweat on? Join the Fitness Club to feel empowered and workout with some friends across the Order.

Club Host: Noah Ward, Mountain

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Graphic Design Club 🖥️

Are you a fan of designing fun, creative merchandise and enhancing your social media feeds? You've come to the right place! Join the club to meet new BBG's and Aleph's while also embracing your creative side.

Club Host: Jenna Barr and Nataile Hittelman, Connecticut Valley

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International Club ✈️

Calling all members around the Order! In this club we will learn about new cultures, places, and people and have lots of fun, all while we get a better perspective of how Jews around the globe mix their home country's culture with Judaism.

Club Host: Tammy Esquenazi, Colombia

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Jewish Culture Crafting 🧶

Fan of Arts & Crafts? Join us to create craft projects related to the Jewish holidays, Israel and BBYO culture. Show off your talent and creativity here!

Club Host: Caleigh Weintraub, Hudson Valley

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Jewish Geography Club 🗺️

The Jewish Geography Club is the prime spot to network and connect with teens across the world.  Join the club for fun events that would incorporate short and entertaining games, themed presentation nights, Jewish geography, and more!

Club Host: Stella Muzin, Ariella Weisman and Abby Bluestein

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Judaism in the Sports World 🏈

This club is all about what Jewish people’s disposition in the world of sports: Jewish athletes, Jewish sports team owners, Maccabi games, and more!

Club Host: TJ Katz, Greater Jersey Hudson River: Northern

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Join this club to create experiences and safe-spaces, coach your peers, and build resources and programming for LGBTQ+ members and allies.

Club Host: Cay Katz, Nassau Suffolk

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Mental Health Club 🧠

Mental health is an important priority. In this club, join other teens in a safe space to raise awareness for mental health well-being and breaking the stigma.

Club Host: Sophie Hershkowitz, Greater Atlanta

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MOC Alliance 🖤✡

This is a space for BBYO members-of-color. Join the MOC Alliance to meet other MOCs, find friends, resources games, and check up on how everyone’s doing.

Club Host: Micah Pierandri, North Texas Oklahoma

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Music Connects Us All 🎶🎵

Music Fan? This community will talk all things music - how it impacts us, or just our favorite artists and songs.

Club Host: Louis Fernandez, Hudson Valley; Zachary Markus, Montreal

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Netflix Watch-Party 📺

A new Netflix Watch-Party that premieres new shows with Jewish aspects.. Members can join, sit back and relax, and join our bi-monthly meetings.

Club Host: Harper Nickel, Ella Schwartz, Jolie Hirschhorn and Kayla Schoenberg

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Polyglot Club ㊗️🈯

Do you speak more than one language (or want to)? Come meet BBYO teens from all around the world and practice your abilities. All Aleph's and BBG's who are bilingual or multilingual and want a place to practice languages with other BBYO Members are welcome!

Club Host: Luiz Gandelman, Miami

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Study Buddies 📓

Want a place to get some work done while hanging out with Alephs and BBGs from around the Order?
The Study Buddies club is for whoever needs to catch up on school work and needs people to do it with. With breakout rooms for different subjects, and other hardworking teens to hang out with, you'll want to join us!

Club Host: Emily Mashman and Lindsay Krieger, South Jersey

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Groups of teens with similar responsibilities in their communities.
These roles are elected locally, regionally, and internationally

Godolim and N'siot Network

Presidents are responsible for training and supporting local boards to ensure every chapter is healthy. All Regional and Country Presidents make up the Executive Body, AZA and BBG's core decision making group.

Meet the Network →

S'ganim Network

The S'ganim Network focuses on BBYO's core product: experiences. They build great programs and teach others the ins-and-outs of planning events.

Meet the Network →

Morim Network

The Morim Network focuses on supporting the recruitment, education, and retention of members in chapters. They ensure all new members are welcomed and hosted after joining BBYO.

Meet the Network →

Mazkirim Network

The Mazkirim Network focuses on communication, documenting meetings and experiences, social media, newsletters promotion, and connecting communities around the world.

Meet the Network →

Sh'lichim Network

The Sh'lichim Network focuses on elevating, celebrating, and leading Judaic content, Israel programming, social action, and community service work.

Meet the Network →

Gizborim Network

The Gizborim Network focuses on fundraising, stewarding the International Service Fund (ISF), managing money, grants, philanthropic efforts, and responsible fiscal behavior.

Meet the Network →


Groups of teens unite in-person or virtually for travel, education, and Ambassadors exchanges.
Participation for these experiences is based on organizational role or selection by application

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Start a New Club

More Ways to Lead

Start a New Club 💡

Request to start a new group to meet regularly through AZA and BBG's International Leadership Network (ILN).

Write Legislation ✏️

Every member can use their voice to make change by writing and presenting legislation to the Executive Body.

Run a Digital Event 📆

Plan a meet up for BBYO pets, bring together Marvel fans, host an NBA watch party, and anything in between.

Start a Chapter 🏘

One of the greatest legacies to leave and fastest way to grow BBYO around the world is by starting a new chapter.