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In AZA and BBG, there is no limit to your leadership. This is your hub for all of the current opportunities to make an impact on our Movement. Check back often to see what's available!

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International Leadership Network (ILN)

The ILN is an opportunity for members from every community, regardless of position or grade, to raise their hand to help build our Movement. Whether you want to plan IC, envision new ways to strengthen our priorities, or build bridges between our communities across the world—there are endless ways for you to step up and lead. Learn more about the structure and opportunities in the International Leadership Network.

If there’s something you’re interested in doing that you don’t see on here, let us know. We love hearing new ideas and finding ways for you to use BBYO as a platform for good.

We believe that every member can add unique value to enhance our Order and the global Jewish community. We need your help to make that happen. Please share these applications with any Aleph or BBG that you think can make a difference in our Order. Everyone should have the opportunity to apply, so share this with as many of your friends as possible (groups, emails, text, WhatsApp, GroupMe, etc.).

The first wave of the ILN is being reviewed. Look out for announcements toward the end of September.

Current Opportunities

Ambassadors to Ukraine

Join a global delegation of Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls to participate in a weeklong transformative journey in Kiev, Ukraine. This special experience will culminate with Active Jewish Teens (AJT), BBYO’s movement partner in the former Soviet Union, fifth annual International Conference (IC). Jewish teens, staff and educators from Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, North America, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and beyond will unite for this historic event.

Destination: Kiev, Ukraine
Dates: November 3-10, 2019
Applications close on Thursday, October 3


ZWST Winter Exchange

Join us in the Italian Alps for a winter break to remember with our Movement partner in Germany, ZWST. With a mix of recreational activities and theme-specific workshops, teens will inspire each other to deepen their understanding of the global Jewish community while building lifelong friendships. Experience Shabbat, a day-trip to a nearby Italian city, and skiing (all levels invited) alongside your new friends!

Destination: Natz/Südtirol, Italy
Dates: December 19-January 2
Application coming soon.

I'm Interested


For the second year in a row, BBYO will be sending a global delegation to Jewrovision—Germany's largest annual Jewish teen event! With more than 2,000 attendees participating each year, Jewrovision is a national singing and performance competition for BBYO's chapters/club partners across Germany. Witness and celebrate the continued rejuvenation of Jewish life in Germany alongside our movement partner ZWST.

Destination: Germany
Dates: Early March 2020
Application coming soon.

I'm Interested

Ambassadors to Germany

Participate in a weeklong journey throughout Germany alongside Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls from around the world. We'll explore the rich history and current institutions of the German Jewish community to gain a stronger sense of global Jewish responsibility and strengthen our Jewish identities. Along the way, we’ll be connecting with the local teens and chapters of ZWST and participating in a powerful leadership seminar with our brothers and sisters from across Germany. This special experience will be filled with learning, laughter, global leadership training, and an unforgettable Shabbat.

Destination: Germany
Dates: Early April 2020
Application coming soon.

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Ambassadors to the Baltics

Join the first delegation of Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls embarking on Ambassadors to the Baltics. Explore the rich history of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania among a global cohort of teens passionate about strengthening Jewish life worldwide. Participants will return home from this trip with new friends from around the world, new leadership skills, and a renewed sense of global Jewish responsibility.

Destination: The Baltics
Dates: Late April/Early May, 2020
Application coming soon.

I'm Interested

Civics and Voter Mobilization Task Force

For nearly 95 years, AZA and BBG have worked tirelessly to improve society and make a difference in the lives of others.
This Task Force will leverage the power that teens have to change the world through civic engagement efforts, voter
registration, and community mobilizing.

Participation by nomination only. Email if you are interested.

IC Steering: J-Lab

The J-Lab is one of the coolest places on BBYO Boulevard at IC. We’re looking for a few more talented steerers to help us design interactive exhibits, host pop-up speakers, plan a creative service—and more! If you’re creative, understand Jewish programming, and want to make this IC the most unique one yet, join the J-Lab Steering Committee.


Constitutional Task Force | Due Friday, October 19

The Constitutions of the Grand Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the International Order of the B'nai B'rith Girls are the chief governing documents of our Orders. We're looking for those government and democracy lovers (you might call us nerds?) who want to help update our Constitutions. Apply to join the Constitutional Task Force and jump right into editing, aligning, and modernizing these historical documents.


Sustainability Task Force | Due Friday, October 19

Join Rose Leveen, of Evergreen Region, and Hannah Merenstein, of Rocky Mountain Region, as we launch our inaugural Sustainability Task Force! If you're a lover of tikkun olam and believe that we can keep planning the high quality AZA and BBG experiences we all love while making more sustainable choices, you're in the right place. Raise your hand to help out and join the Sustainability Task Force.


Press Corps | Rolling Application

The Press Corps is AZA and BBG's international news network. Join correspondents from around the world in sharing stories through writing, photos, and videos for The Shofar, our official newsletter. We are currently looking for some awesome Alephs and BBGs to join our team who love social media, storytelling, and communications.

Correspondent Job Description:

  • Submit at least one post for The Shofar per month.

  • Takeover BBYO Insider Snapchat story at local experiences.

  • Participate in viral video campaigns.

  • Record videos and take photos at local events.

  • Record vlog style interviews and testimonials.

Correspondent Open Positions:

Active Jewish Teens: Belarus
Active Jewish Teens: Georgia
Active Jewish Teens: Kazakhstan
Active Jewish Teens: Moldova
Active Jewish Teens: Russia
Active Jewish Teens: Ukraine
Active Jewish Teens: Uzbekistan
Balkans: Bosnia & Herzegovina
Balkans: Croatia
Balkans: Slovakia
Balkans: Macedonia
Connecticut Valley
Eastern Canada
Eastern: Dixie
Greater Jersey Hudson River: Central
Greater Jersey Hudson River: Northern
Hagoschrim: Switzerland
Jew Beyachad: Latvia
Kentucky Indiana Ohio
Keystone Mountain
Macabi Tzair: Uruguay
Maccabi Tzair: Israel
Mid-America: Kansas City
Mid-America: Omaha
New England
Northwest Canada
Northern Region East: Baltimore
Ohio Northern
Red River
Rocky Mountain
South Jersey

Call for Legislation

The Executive Body, which consists of all council, regional, and country presidents, meets in-person twice a year and virtually throughout the year to vote on legislation from you and your peers to move us forward. We update the constitution, vote on our Movement Priorities, commit AZA and BBG to tackling big issues, introduce new campaigns and initiatives, and celebrate major achievements.

One of the most beautiful parts of AZA and BBG is the ability for any member to have a voice in what they'd like to see for our Movement. What's your vision for how we move forward?

Submit Legislation

If you need a little help writing your legislation, take a look at the legislation docket from August Executives Conference 2018. If you have questions, email

Start a Chapter

One of the greatest legacies any Aleph or BBG can leave is starting a new chapter or launching a new community in their council, region, or country. This is one of the fastest ways to grow BBYO around the world.

But why would you start a new chapter? Great question. There are three important questions to think about when it comes to chapter start-up:

  1. Does your chapter have enough leadership opportunities for everyone involved?

  2. Are there specialized groups of people in your community that could form a chapter (e.g., Summer camp alumni or Russian-speaking Jews)?

  3. Is there a city, town, or suburb in your area that has Jewish people, but no chapter?

There are many reasons to start a new chapter. Utilize these tools below to guide you through the process for creating and sustaining a new AZA, BBG, or BBYO chapter.

Chartering Process

Follow these steps to officially launch your AZA, BBG, or BBYO chapter. If you're looking for a Name Change Petition, head here. For more information, check out the Chapter Chartering Process Overview.

Working on something cool?

Hey, there's a lot of you out there! Sometimes we don't hear about everything going on. If you're working on an awesome project in your chapter, have a really cool idea for something AZA and BBG could implement, or have resources we could be utilizing on the International level, let us know! We love hearing from you.

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