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AZA: Gizbor | BBG: Gizborit

Meet your International Counterparts:

Ethan Freed, 2nd Grand Aleph Gizbor
Rose Leveen, 2nd International Gizborit

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Our Priorities

We're going to put the 'fun' in 'fundraising' this year. Here's how we're going to do it.

Generate Support for the ISF

We're ready to energize the Movement around the International Service Fund (ISF). Every member should understand why this fund is important and how to fundraise for it.

Strengthen Chapter Fundraisers

We’ll provide support to our counterparts and create new tools and resources to make fundraising and philanthropy events highlights on any calendar.

Inspire Philanthropic Efforts

Philanthropy is a powerful tool to engage Jewish teens, garner support from the community, and most importantly, give back. We'll help our team bring their philanthropic passion to life.

Manage Gamechanger Grants

We'll promote Gamechanger Grants as a means to elevate local experiences through strategic allocations of funds to strengthen our Movement.

Gizborim Go-Tos: Top Tools

At February Executives Conference 2018, the Executive Body voted to add a Gizbor and Gizborit position to the International Board to support the wide network of Gizborim across the Movement. With fundraising and financial management as a new focus this year, expect to see a growing suite of resources to help you succeed. Below are our seasonal picks to kick off the year. Of course, this is just the start. If you're looking to really deepen your skills, explore the Global and Operations priority hubs.

Track your ISF fundraising



Even if you think you know everything, a quick refresh won't hurt.

Chairpeople and Committees

Chairs and committees are excellent ways to spread leadership roles in your community. Learn about the different kinds of opportunities you can create for members.


Fundraiser Ideas

If you every get stuck on your next big fundraising idea, take a look at this sheet for some short and long term ideas.


How to Build a Program Budget

Building a program budget is easier than you might think. Check out this resource for some best practices.


ISF Pop Up Program

Pick up this program to educate members about the International Service Fund (ISF) and how to fundraise for it.


Setting Your ISF Pledge

Make a commitment to raising money for the International Service Fund (ISF) with your community.


SMART Goal Setting Template

We set goals all the time in AZA and BBG about membership, programming, fundraising, and more. If you're setting goals, be sure they're SMART ones.


#GizborimWins 🏆

The Gizborim Network is nothing short of amazing and we want to celebrate your fundraising success. Post on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #GizborimWins and we'll feature our favorites right here for the world to see.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain ran a successful ISF-O-Grams program to kick off fundraising season.

Pacific Western

Pacific Western passed ISF legislation affirming it as a priority in their community.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast also passed ISF legislation affirming it as a priority in their community.

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