Vice Presidents of Membership & Recruitment
AZA: Moreh, Mekasher | BBG: Aym Ha'Chaverot, Mekasheret

Meet your International Counterparts:

Chase Flagel, 30th Grand Aleph Moreh
Elana Rubanenko, 29th International Aym Ha'Chaverot

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Growing the Movement is a full team effort. Are you in?

We're welcoming more teens into our family than ever before, but our work is far from over. There are thousands of Jewish teens looking for what AZA and BBG do best: meaningful friendships and experiences. We're here to help you recruit, retain, educate, and train Jewish teens around the world. We're in this together—let us know what you need!

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Our Priorities

AZA and BBG have had incredible membership momentum for over a decade. We're ready to take it to the next level.

Strengthen CLTC 2021

We're ready to take CLTC promotion to the next level to build an army of Jewish teens around the world ready to elevate their chapter experience like never before.

Utilize Initiatives and Campaigns for Growth

We’ll work with you to discover untapped resources to ensure all communities are producing their best experiences to bring in more members and prospects.

Engage More Jewish Teens

We’ll break our end of year membership goal into achievable benchmarks and equip communities with tools that help them actively track growth.

Support New Chapters

We are going to ensure that chapter and community Founders have the support they need to bring BBYO to life in new areas across our Movement.

Morim Musts: Top Tools

We're going to throw a lot of information at you this year to ensure your term is successful and we're meeting our goals. Below are our seasonal picks to kick off the year. Of course, this is just the start, for lots more explore the toolbox. If you're looking to really deepen your skills, explore the Membership priority hub.

Learn how to run your chapter at CLTC

Let's go


Even if you think you know everything, a quick refresh won't hurt.

20-Week Semester Calendar

A full and exciting calendar is one of your strongest recruitment assets. Use this example to plan your chapter's semester and plan for success. Pro Tip: Once your dates are set, blast them to your community to build excitement.

Fall Semester Calendar PlannerSpring Semester Calender Planner

BBYO Ask Week

'Ask Weeks' and 'Join Weeks' are formal and intentional moments to ask potential new members to join the fun and officially become a brother Aleph or sister B'nai B'rith Girl as their induction date approaches. Utilize this resource to amplify your big recruitment moments.


Big-Little Experience

The Big-Little relationship, common in fraternity and sorority culture on college campuses, creates a family lineage that strengthens the bonds between individual members and the chapter. Learn more about how to bring this into your chapter.


Breaking Down Chapter Goals

Use this worksheet to help make your chapter recruitment goals feel manageable.


Breaking Down the Membership Mile

Every council or region has membership goals that they set for the coming year. In order for the goals to feel manageable, and ultimately be achieved, we have to break those goals down and set individual chapter goals. Ready to run the membership mile?


Chairpeople and Committees

Chairs and committees are excellent ways to spread leadership roles in your community. Learn about the different kinds of opportunities you can create for members.


Combatting Road Blocks to Membership

When making an “ask” for membership to a prospect, it’s absolutely necessary to understand and be prepared for the most common objections.


Growth Framework

Learn about the key strategies and tactics to activate the pipeline for membership growth.


Host a Parent Meeting

By investing time in parents, you're investing time in AZA and BBG. Having the buy-in for AZA and BBG from the parents is key to our Movement's growth.


How to Host

Every member counts and it's important to show how much we value each one—new, returning, long-standing, and prospective member. Utilize these tips to make everyone feel great at events.



Keep these scripts handy when it's time to induct the Alephs-In-Training (AITs) and Members-In-Training (MITs) into AZA and BBG. This is a big moment for Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls—make it special!

AZA InductionsBBG Inductions

Learning About MRIHA

What's MRIHA, you ask? Great question. MRIHA stands for Meet, Record, Invite, Host, Ask and is AZA and BBG's relationship driven recruitment model. Take notes—this concept is super important to know.


Making Your BBYO Pitch

There are seven steps to perfecting your ask to prospective members. Master your pitch with this resource.


Membership and Bid Cards

Order special cards to give new members when you are inviting them to join (bid cards) or inducting them as an Aleph or BBG (membership cards). Contact your local staff to order the cards from BBYO's print shop.


Movement Initiatives Cheat Sheet

Understand why we run Movement Initiatives and how it ties to our year round MRIHA strategy.


MRIHA Funnel

A strong calendar drives our membership. Learn the best practices for building your programming calendar in a way that is consistently engaging new and current Alephs and BBGs.


Parent Referral Card

Our parents can be excellent resources for learning about new Jewish teens in our community to bring into BBYO. Use this card for parents to fill out at events for referrals! You can put these cards into a drawing for special prizes for BBYO parents.


Record Spreadsheet

Record information about prospective members to make your recruitment efforts seamless.

Sample Record SpreadsheetExample

Sample Membership Training from August Execs 2018

Master how to elevate and deepen our membership practices and then teach it to your members.


Link

A sign-in should be present at every event to ensure we are keeping track of who we are engaging with. We want to easily be able to follow-up with anyone who comes through the door!


SMART Goal Setting Template

We set goals all the time in AZA and BBG about membership, programming, fundraising, and more. If you're setting goals, be sure they're SMART ones.


The History and Herstory

AZA and BBG have a rich history. It's important that our new members are educated about where our Orders have been and how we have impacted the world. Current Alephs and BBGs should feel a part of this story.

History of AZAHerstory of BBG

Welcoming New Prospects

Once you've met some new Jewish teens from school or events, it's time to invite them to your program. Here are some tips on what happens next.


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