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Your Voice Matters

Voice Your Vote is our campaign to engage all teens, alumni, parents, and friends in the sacred act of participating in the electoral process. If you are not of voting age—no big deal. We have many ways for you to help. Ready to help get out the vote?

Election Day Information

Know where to vote, how to register, and learn about this year's big issues.

Let's Vote

Civic Engagement

Whether you can vote in this election or not, there are many ways to get involved!

Let's Organize

Take the Voter Pledge

Sign your name to let the world know you're voting and commit to helping others vote.

Let's Pledge

Voice Your Vote

Share your opinion on this year's election issues by writing a story for The Shofar.

Let's Share

#CanadaVotes on Monday, October 21

Hands down, the most effective way to make a difference this election is by volunteering for the candidate or campaign of your choice. A volunteer is worth their weight in gold, and can make the difference between a win or loss. Every vote may count, but each time a campaign volunteer knocks on a door, calls a voter or hands out campaign literature, the opportunity is created for that volunteer to ultimately bring in more votes.

So take the first step by signing up to volunteer or click here for volunteer training that CJPAC (the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee) provides.  CJPAC will connect you with the campaign or candidate of your choice. You can make phone calls, put up signs, go door-knocking, distribute literature, or work in polling stations.


For all the information that you might want on voting this year and on this election’s most important issues, make sure you check out CIJA’s (Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs) Election Hub! Being an informed voter and informed member of our democracy is of the utmost importance.

לא עליך המלאכה לגמר, ולא אתה בן חורין לבטל ממנה

“It is not your responsibility to finish the work, neither are you free to desist from it.” (Pirkei Avot 2:16)

We commit our lives to improving the world. We will work steadfastly, faithfully, advancing step by step, until we attain a state of total perfection. This incremental approach means that the goal cannot be reached in one generation. Therefore, Judaism requires a partnership between the generations. Each generation will improve the world as far as it can. Then it must educate its children and pass on the mission to the next generation, until the goal is reached.

U.S. Voting Resources

Voting can be easy. There are hundreds of websites that have details on the voting process and educational tools about this year's candidates. Use the links below to find the information you need to make your voting experience as easy and intentional as possible. If you can't vote yourself, the resources below will help you register others, advise others where they can vote, and educate voters on this year's most important issues. Not to mention, it's good to learn early how to be involved. In some states, you can register to vote in advance of being eighteen.

Questions about voting? Call 866-OUR-VOTE. Click here to receive important election reminder texts.

Partners, Teen-led Movements, and Issue Advocacy Networks

Explore these links to learn more about political parties, issues, candidates, and voter education initiatives. Have an issue you care about that you'd like to see featured here? Email us!

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Civic Engagement

It's never too early to get involved in the excitement of elections. Whether you are of age to vote or not, there are many ways you can take action to support other voters, educate peers on issues, and support your community in this historic moment. These are easy, fast things you can do with your friends, chapter, Hebrew School, school, or community. Let's go!

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Phone Banking for Candidates Ahead of Election Day

You can help rally the vote for your favorite candidates (near and far) from the comfort of that futon in your own bedroom. All you need is a charged cell phone, your computer, and some snacks.

Phone Banking for DemocratsPhone Banking for Republicans

Organize Poll Parties

Voting is more fun with others! Plan your early voting or election day plans with friends. Make it your crew’s trial run for Senior Skip Day—but, like, this thing you really need to show up for. Studies show that you and your friends are more likely to vote if you plan to go together. Need some inspiration? Check out +1thevote by MTV for some fun ideas.


Help Others Vote

Contact Local Retirement Home (Jewish or Secular)

Many retirement communities will be coordinating shuttles for senior residents to field-trip to the polls, hosting polling stations on-site at their facilities, or will be working with the support of volunteers to carpool them to cast their ballot. Leave the driving to some adults, but be a mensch and help make it easier for the Greatest Generation to have their voice heard this year.

Picnic at the Polls

For those of you that are lucky enough to live in climates where it’s still chill to hang outside, throw down a festive and fun ‘Picnic at the Polls’ (while respecting the electioneering distances all polling stations have). It’s a great service project opportunity to host kids with games while parents and grandparents stand in line, or maybe take the place for someone in line that can’t stand for very long. You’ll bring some fun to what can be a long wait, and if you build in an on-site bake sale or smoothie station, you might raise some chapter funds, too!

Democracy Street Team

With record-making early voter turnout already underway, polling stations will only start to fill more and more through Election Day. Show up and be helpful. Carry umbrellas. Hand out water. Help folks from their cars and cheer on those that are voting for the first time. Be sure to listen to all of the directions given by the volunteers working the polls; there’s no doubt they’ll appreciate the extra hands to support crowds and help move the lines as fast as possible.

Contact JCCs and Synagogues to Offer Babysitting Services

Check in with your JCC or local synagogues to see if they’re offering extended day-care and kindergarten hours, or special babysitting services, so that parents can vote. If not, see if the JCC or synagogue will provide a playroom or classroom and send an email out to their membership offering a service with the help of your friends or chapter, at their property and with their support, to entertain the kids while parents exercise their rights. It’s a win-win: you’re helping democracy and launching BBYO’s earliest pro-active recruitment drive, ever.

Get Educated

Chapter Initiatives

BBYO’s suite of chapter initiatives are really relevant to Election Day. These are fun, interesting activities that last about an hour to two hours depending upon the program. If your chapter’s looking for a great activity this week to align with Election Day excitement, or if your chapter’s getting together on Election Day, consider using one of these teen-crafted programs as a way of learning more about the issues Americans are voting on this year.


Democracy Class Presented By American Eagle

Created by our partner Rock the Vote in 2010 and relaunched in 2018, Democracy Class is a free, non-partisan curriculum that educates high school students about the importance and history of voting and pre-registers and registers them to vote. If you have school on Election Day, this is a great program to suggest to your teacher to make time for, or, you can use this program with your community, chapter or local Hebrew School.

Get Involved

On Election Day

Hold a Fundraiser on Election Day for an Important Cause

Election Day is a natural community-building moment. School is often closed, and neighbors and families gather to watch the results together. It’s a great day to have a restaurant-sponsored fundraiser, set-up a lemonade/smooth stand or bake sale at a polling station, or hold a penny drive for various charities (or one, like voter education) in school for those of you who have class that day. Elections give important issues and the organizations working on them extra visibility—support one that’s championing a topic that you care about this November’s Election Day.

Next Tuesday is a Great Day to Volunteer

Many of you have Election Day off and you’ll need to find something great to do! Tuesday’s a great day to head out to your favorite local nonprofit or charity and help those near you. There’s a feeling of civic energy in the air during Election Day as millions of Americans are bustling around participating in our most sacred democratic traditions. Take some time and double-down on making a difference across our country.

Election Night Party

The commercials aren’t as great, but it’s the Super Bowl of American democracy! It’s a perfect night to gather in a living room, basement, outside on a lawn with a projection screen or at your favorite local restaurant with all of your friends as the results roll-in. Many of your classes will be offering credit for you to watch anyway, so why not have a great time with your friends while doing so. It’s an easy night to invite everybody in the area to come on by and hang while we all watch the future unfold together.

Social Media

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Pledge to Vote

Our generation is going to show up to the polls in record numbers this year. Make a commitment to vote, or help others to vote, in the U.S. Midterm Election below. Regardless of whether you’re 18 yet or not, every citizen can be a part of this year’s election. Let’s get to it!

Way to go—thanks for being civically engaged. See you at the polls!
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Voice Your Vote

Have an opinion on one of the issues on the ballot this year? Let's hear it. Write a post for The Shofar to see your op-ed featured.

In AZA and BBG, we encourage everyone to participate in the civic and electoral process, at local and national levels in every country we serve, regardless of political affiliation or candidate preference.


Ready to get out the vote? Same. Share what you're doing for the Voice Your Voice campaign with the hashtag #BBYOvotes.