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We love AZA and BBG, and we want to share our fraternity and sorority (and all its benefits) with Jewish teens around the world. Through the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, our one-of-a-kind experiences, and traditions, Alephs and BBGs develop a strong Jewish identity, are passionate about making the world a better place for future generations, and are ready to lead. It's not about numbers, it's about enriching as many lives as possible. Let's build a future where someone's Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the beginning of their Jewish life, not the end.

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We're a member-first movement, and growing it starts with each of us. Membership is an ongoing effort; as we say "see you later" to seniors, we're saying "welcome" to 8th graders and freshmen (and sophomores and juniors, too!). In AZA and BBG, membership isn't about getting someone in the door, it's about the experience they have when they find themselves here. When someone signs up for AZA and BBG, we want them to be active in their chapter, attend regional gatherings, and experience BBYO on an International level.

There's a lot of work that goes into growing our movement, and this page is your guide to success.

Meet Them

Throughout the year, we meet (or know of) Jewish teens at Movement Initiatives, through partners, online, or in settings entirely separate from BBYO and the Jewish community. These Jewish teens—in our classes, on our teams, at our family holiday parties—not yet in BBYO are just waiting to be asked. That's where you come in...

Take some time to jot down every Jewish teen you know that isn't in BBYO. It's much easier for you and your chapter to start with a list of names than a number.

Record Information

Every time we meet a Jewish teen, we need to add them to our prospect list. This list can be kept in many formats, but a shared online document where information can be accessed by those recruiting and is still protected, is ideal (i.e., Google Docs).

Your chapter should be building your prospect list at every chapter meeting and regularly checking the list to make sure the data is correct. An updated copy of your chapter record spreadsheet should also be kept in your local office and with the council or regional leadership so they can easily support you with your recruitment efforts.

The record spreadsheet ensures that we’re following up with our prospects, inviting them to programs that they're interested in, and warming them up to the idea of getting involved. We want to know what their interests are, who knows them, and keep track of what might make them most excited to take part in AZA or BBG.

Bring the sample record spreadsheet below to your next chapter meeting and start building your list. Make the process of recording fun by ordering food or blasting music. If you're having a record party at a convention, have someone on a mic hyping the experience.

Start Recording

Invite Them to an Event

As soon as you meet a teen or receive their contact information, you want to start inviting them to fun, social, and chapter-based activities so they can get a taste of AZA and BBG. Non-business programs, events where they can build friendships, and experiences where they can learn about the opportunities they could have access to with membership are all ideal. It’s important that chapter and community calendars are planned well in advance so that there’s a line-up of opportunities ready to go to excite any prospective member.

Great calendaring drives recruitment. Use this template to build a calendar that will attract new Jewish teens throughout the semester. Hint: You want to make your calendar as diverse as possible because everyone has different interests.

Shareable Calendar TemplateCalendaring Reference Guide

Be a Great Host

It’s on us to make sure every prospective member has a great time. Make sure they have a ride; if you can—waive any fees or early expenses, and make sure that they’re looked out for by an experienced member (maybe a future big brother or sister?) at their first few events until they meet people and settle in. It’s important to show how much we value every new prospective member. Let's make them want to come back to AZA and BBG, and be hungry for member-only experiences like serving on board, attending conventions, traveling for International experiences, and more.

Look at your record spreadsheet and pair up current members with prospective members to be their event buds. Have event hosting check-ins before and after programs to strategize execution and follow-up. Your hosting group text should be on fire all night.

Hosting Tips

Make the Ask

This is when it gets really fun. Once a prospect member is interested in what AZA and BBG has to offer, you get to give them the greatest gift of all: membership. Leveraging AZA and BBG traditions like AIT/MIT classes, big and little brother/sister pairings, bid cards, inductions, and conventions are all surefire ways to amplify your ask. More than anything, being direct and expressing to any teen that this is a community that will support them, embrace them, and from which they can do great things is what is most compelling. Everyone wants to belong to something bigger than themselves. You can make that possible for every Jewish teen.

This button below will be pretty important when you make the ask.

Join AZA & BBG

But wait, what if the person I'm asking to join has some pretty legitimate reasons for not wanting to sign up? They have basketball practice every day after school, their parents don't see the value, or maybe it's too much money. Learn how to combat these common roadblocks to registering. It's a good idea to have these in your back pocket when making the ask.

Combat Roadblocks

MRIHA is just the beginning of membership—quite literally. Once they are a member you'll need to educate them on everything BBYO and then keep them involved.

The MIT/AIT Curriculum: AZA & BBG's New Member Experience

The New Member Experience is meant to make the newest members of your chapter feel valued and a part of our community. This group of AITs (Alephs in Training) or MITs (Members in Training) should be nurtured and educated from their first introduction into AZA and BBG all the way through their Induction Ceremony at the end of a new member experience.

The MIT/AIT Curriculum is a set of tools (see below!) to teach new members the lasting traditions, history, and rituals of our Orders. The MIT/AIT Curriculum is split into seven modules, each with its own theme, activities, and resources. There are also links to external tools to help strengthen the educational experience and expand the new members' knowledge of AZA and BBG. We are confident that you will find the process of building this experience fun and rewarding.

Curriculum Overview

Get Involved


We want every chapter to run a new member education experience in whichever way works best. Pick the model that works best for you: (1) use the MIT/AIT Curriculum, (2) run a few tried and true MIT/AIT programs (AZA 101, AZA: Who... Are... We?!, Fun with the BBG Folds, and Making Your Herstory) that real chapters have planned, and/or (3) watch the Get to Know BBYO video series with your members!


Check out a sample Virtual New Member Experience created by New England Region.


Session 1 | Our History: Getting to Know Our Roots

Access Session

Session 2 | The Structure: What Are We Made Of?

Access Session

Session 3 | Campaigns: Commitment to Community

Access Session

Session 4 | Leadership: Getting Involved in AZA & BBG

Access Session

Session 5 | Growing Our Movement

Access Session

Session 6 | Program Excellence

Access Session

Session 7 | Ritual & Tradition: Beginning with the End in Mind

Access Session

Keeping Members Involved

The strength of our Movement strong starts with our members. That means we have to provide meaningful engagement opportunities for every type of member in every grade level.

As members rise, their role in AZA and BBG often shifts toward being an experience facilitator or provider instead of a participant. They are planning programs, encouraging younger members to run for board, or inspiring their chapter.

Creating big and little brother/sister relationships is one of many ways to engage upperclassmen in unique programs that offer opportunities to build relationships with a new class of Alephs or BBGs. These relationships create a family lineage that can be carried year after year and strengthens the bonds between individual members and the chapter overall.

Other exclusive upperclassmen opportunities may include barbecues, college tours, retreat weekends, swag, appreciation nights, and more. It’s important that we create intentional moments to celebrate upperclassmen just as we would a new class of MITs or AITs to ensure they, too, keep coming back. With a focus on retention, we can ensure that all of our members are enjoying AZA and BBG every year of their high school experience.

Learn how to set up a big-little program in your chapter to keep members involved.

The Big-Little Experience

The MRIHA Funnel

Ready to understand MRIHA on the next level? See what we mean when we say that strong calendaring drives membership. The MIRHA Funnel is key to AZA and BBG's growth. Ready to master it?

Master MRIHA

Start a Chapter

One of the fastest ways to grow our Movement is by starting new chapters. Learn about the tools you'll need to make it happen in the link below!


Plan a Rush Experience

A Rush Experience is when a chapter hosts an influx of prospective members at a series of high-quality and engaging programs in a short period of time (7-10 days) to excite them about BBYO.

Plan Ahead

There are important dates to keep in mind when prioritizing growing our Movement. These dates include hands-on training opportunities, Movement mobilization moments, registration dates, and relevant programs that tie to membership. Check back for dates of recruitment rallies and more.

Fall Semester 2019

Class of 2023 Eligible to Join

July 1

Welcome the new class of 8th graders into AZA and BBG.

Fall Kickoff Season


New year, new members. Plan an awesome kickoff event for your community.

IC and Summit Registration Opens

September 26

Our Movement's biggest moment is a member-only experience. Use it as a selling point for potential members.

Fall Recruitment Campaign


This is our big recruitment push of the season.

Fall Fest Season


Show the prospects the best of what BBYO has to offer.

Summer Registration Opens

November 7

Show the prospects the best of what BBYO has to offer.

Global Shabbat

December 13-14

Give prospects a more intimate BBYO experience and then make the ask for them to officially join.

Global Inductions Week

December 8-15

Make new members feel connected to their new brothers and sisters worldwide.

Spring Semester 2020

Spring Kickoff Season


New year, new members. Plan an awesome kickoff event for your community.

IC and Summit

February 12-17

Our Movement's biggest moment is a member-only experience. Use it as a selling point for potential members.


March 29

Who doesn't want service hours? J-Serve is a great way to introduce teens to BBYO.

Siblings' Day Campaign


Our campaign to encourage members to ask their brothers and sisters to join.

BBG Founders' Day

April 22

Celebrate BBG's 75th anniversary with your chapter. This is a great day to host an inductions ceremony.

Letters Day

April 29

Wear your best AZA and BBG swag around town to show your pride for our Movement.

AZA Founders' Day

May 3

Celebrate AZA's 95th anniversary with your chapter. This is a great day to host an inductions ceremony.

Global Inductions Week

May 10-17

Make new members feel connected to their new brothers and sisters worldwide.

End of Fiscal Year

June 30

This is when we are going to hit our AZA and BBG membership goal!


Welcome the new class of Alephs and BBG by throwing the best back-to-school event of the year

Movement Growth Summit

Come a day early to International Convention to sharpen those MRIHA skills and help us grow our Movement

Fall Fest

Fall Fest is an incredible opportunity to invite prospective members to get a taste of BBYO. Start planning


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You've Worked Hard. Let's Celebrate. 🎉

For our all-star recruiters, trainers, and programmers—we want to celebrate you. By helping grow our Movement, you may be eligible for a number of highly esteemed AZA and BBG International Awards including the Shield of David, the Star of Deborah, Tree of Life Recruitment, Eternal Light Recruitment, Henry Monsky Chapter Excellence, Miriam Albert Chapter Excellence, and Maurice Bisgyer Chapter Excellence Awards. If you know an Aleph or BBG who deserves to be recognized for their work strengthening our priorities, consider nominating them for the Menorah Pledge and Cardinal Principles Awards.

Learn more about your eligibility by exploring these awards below:

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