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International Convention (IC) is the peak of our Movement's year. We celebrate our success and look to the future alongside thousands of Alephs and BBGs, alumni, special guests, staff, and supporters. This is our moment to declare to the world that it's our generation's turn to lead the way and tackle the biggest problems facing society today.

Join us this February! Registration is now open.

Keep Up with International Convention

Follow the excitement as BBYO takes over Denver for our annual convening. There's plenty to watch, explore, and follow.

A Place for Everyone

IC has become an unparalleled convening—offering a powerful, strategic and inspiring platform from which the best and brightest teen and adult leaders from across the Jewish world (and beyond) unite to celebrate, dream, and take action to continue strengthening the future.

BBYO has a full-service approach to accessibility and inclusion for all attendees. Translators are ready to welcome delegations from nearly 50 countries, and signage as well as programs are offered in a variety of languages. American Sign Language interpreters are available, and all accommodations are made to warmly host guests of all abilities. BBYO strives to create a pluralistic environment where everyone can cultivate, explore, or express their Jewish identity with ease. Every consideration is taken regarding ritual, kashrut and Shabbat during IC. Find yourself here!







An Experience Unlike Anything Else

IC serves as the largest international gathering of Jewish teen leaders and the second largest Jewish communal event in North America. Our unique program offers a fully immersive experience and attracts more than 5,000 guests each year—including top philanthropists, celebrities, thought leaders, business executives, and more. Demand reflects that everyone is hungry for this experience—we sell out all available spots in less than 24 hours each year. Don't miss your chance to join us in Denver! See what people are saying about IC.


Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times

"A dynamic meeting place; a real-world classroom for Jewish teens. It's the Woodstock of Jewish identity."


American Soccer Player & Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

"These kids blew my mind in terms of what their role was in organizing this event. Walking into a room full of these teens [...] has very much raised my hopes."


Former Texas State Senator

"Honestly, I've never experienced anything quite like International Convention. If only every young person could experience that kind of energy!"

Make the most of your IC experience

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