Secretaries, Publicists, and Editors
AZA: Mazkir, Sopher | BBG: Mazkirah, Katvanit, Orechet, Safranit

Meet your International Counterparts:

Andrew Daitch, 97th Grand Aleph Mazkir
Jess Ilin, 77th International Mazkirah

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Are you taking notes? Have you tweeted that you're here yet?

Communication—what we say, how and where it's said— should be on your mind constantly this year. We're excited to support you and your communities, strengthen your online presence, and internal communications while bringing together BBYO's growing global network. Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know how we can assist.

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Our Priorities

For nearly a century, we've given the Jewish community around the world something to talk about. We're ready to turn the volume up.

Engage More Jewish Communities

We will ensure that every member and community feels equally engaged and connected to the Movement.

Amplify BBYO’s Social Media Presence

We want to use social media strategically and effectively to highlight and showcase the Movement’s successes.

Emphasize Governance and Democracy

We're ready to energize the Movement around legislative rituals and procedures to keep our traditions alive and well.

Foster Relationships with Brand Partners

We’ll connect you to new opportunities through establishing relationships with organizations you care about.

Mazkirim Musts: Top Tools

You are the voices in your communities. Your board is holding you accountable for keeping track of information, your community is looking to you to know when events are happening, and we're looking to you to promote all of the incredible things happening all over in AZA and BBG. Of course, this is just the start, for lots more explore the toolbox. If you're looking to really deepen your skills, explore the Global and Operations priority hubs.

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