Why Is BBYO All You Talk About?

February 27, 2024
Madi Brand

Bellmore, New York, United States

Class of 2027

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Constantly, I am always asked the question “Why is BBYO all you talk about?” Yes, I can easily admit that I do talk a lot about BBYO, and I can explain. BBYO changed my life. But Why?

Before I joined BBYO in September Of 2022, my life was crazy. I was having a hard time making new friends, expanding out of the close group of girls I was friends with, and I was struggling with bullying. School was challenging, and my mental health wasn’t in the best place. Until one day, things started to look up.

I attended my first chapter event, Integrity BBGs Cupcake Wars Kickoff, and it was the best decision of my life. From that day on, I made new friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. I found my people, and I couldn’t be happier. I met some upperclassmen who inspired me to continue to shine bright in this organization, causing me to love it even more than I already do. Due to this, I wanted to be the most active and happy member that I could be. This made me thrilled to attend my first regional convention which was the best weekend ever.

On December 8th, 2022, I loaded onto the coach bus for NSR’s AIT/MIT or New Member Overnight, and it was so much fun! That night I met new friends from all over the region and had the best time ever. Being inducted with a meaningful separates, learning BBG rituals, and of course playing fun games with the regional board were all so fascinating to me. I knew in that moment, that those steerers were who ignited my BBYO spark more than anything else. Everyone along my journey so far helped me, but I never felt so passionate until then.

Ever since my first convention, I have tried to be the best BBG I can be, and help inspire new members of my chapter to strive. I now love meeting new members, talking to my BBYO best friends, and making the most out of my few years left in BBYO. As only a freshman in high school, I can happily say that my life has been changed for the better, and I cannot thank this organization enough for everything so far. I have learned so many new skills, taken advantage of leadership opportunities, and met so many amazing people that I can call my family now in only one short year. 

So yes, I may talk about BBYO a lot, but it is my happy place, and I would never be the same without it.

Madi is a BBG from New York who loves to dance.

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