The Top 5 Best Pizza Places in Brooklyn

November 19, 2021
Sophie Haber

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Class of 2022

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New York has become synonymous with pizza, and for good reason. As the birthplace of the dish, it is truly embedded in the history of Long Island. For some, pizza is simply comfort food, but for New Yorkers, it is a way of life. The City that Never Sleeps has countless great pizza restaurants, but a few rise above and below the competition.

5. Pizza Emporium

Emporium gets brownie points for being the place every kid in Marine Park has spent time in. Whether it was after t-ball games in the park, walking home from Dunkin Donuts, or getting a quick slice on the way home from school, it’s a staple in my community. The vodka slice is the underdog, with its crispy crust and flavorful sauce. Also, their garlic knots are so big, the four they give are more than enough.

4. La Villa Pizzeria

La Villa is a homerun. The fact that they’re right next to Key Food makes them impossible to ignore when you work up an appetite from mindlessly roaming the isles. Their personal-sized pizzas are honestly the perfect size for one, and their large pizzas can last for days. They reheat so well, sometimes it tastes better than it did fresh. The pepperoni and sausage pie is always the move, and I highly suggest eating at the counter for best results.

3. L&B Spumoni Gardens

This might be a controversial opinion but the ambiance of L&B is better than the pizza. However, the pizza is still pretty good. The Sicilian slices take the cake when up against any other, and there’s a clear reason why. L&B utilizes the “upside-down Sicilian style,” putting the cheese underneath their slightly sweet tomato sauce to keep the crust from getting soggy. The crust happens to be my favorite part of a slice of pizza, and L&B does it right. The crust remains firm, yet slightly doughy, and serves as the cushion for the perfect ratio of sauce to cheese.

2. Barboncino Pizza

Okay, everyone, you need to just stay with me on this one. At its core, Barboncino is a pizzeria, so don’t be distracted by all the other offerings on the menu. They offer more than just your typical slice, and their specialty pies are top-tier. The Arugula and the Artichoke and Smoked Pancetta are arguably the best pizzas you’ll ever eat. The rustic atmosphere makes it feel like you're in bed on a rainy day - perfect weather for the perfect pizza.

1. Totonno’s

This is the hill I am willing to die on. L&B is great, but no pizzeria is a match for Totonno’s. Their pizza was rated the #1 Pizza in America by Food Network, received The James Beard Award in America’s Classics category, and has appeared in numerous publications. They’ve been in the same location since 1924, making pizza that uplifts the entire borough. With only six tables, you feel like family when you walk in. The wood-fired pizza is honestly a work of art with its chewy crust and vibrant sauce, and the traditional slice reigns supreme.

Honorable Mention: Pizza D’amore

This is like the underground band of pizzerias. D’amore has 3 locations in Brooklyn, yet remains fairly unknown - each location offering something different. The original storefront in Caesar's Bay is most known for its zeppoles, the Mill Basin location for all things pizza and beyond, and the one on Avenue U which does it all as well. It is a shame that their best slice (chicken bacon ranch deep dish) is only available at their Rockaway location, thus excluding it from the Brooklyn pizzeria power ranking.

Sophie Haber is a BBG from Big Apple Region, and she has two pink cowboy hats.

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