Top Ten Things You Should do to Become More Involved in BBYO

December 16, 2022
Summer Amram

Commack, New York, United States

Class of 2026

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When I want to be more active in BBYO, I do things on this list. Some things are harder than others. Easily, you can send a text in the groupme. It is harder to run for board, go to a convention, or a summer program. I have been able to do most things on this list and I hope you achieve some of these things too! So… here is ten things you can do to become an active member in BBYO!

  1. Text in groupmes
  2. Go to events
  3. Buy and wear shuk
  4. Go on a convention
  5. Apply for steering
  6. Apply for a chair for the region or chapter
  7. Apply for ILN
  8. Run for a board position or any leadership position
  9. Go on a summer program
  10. Go on IC

Summer Amram is a BBG living in Commack and plays field hockey!

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