Top 5 Songs That Aren’t Jewish But Should Be

March 20, 2024
Shira Preis

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Class of 2025

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It is no secret that music is an essential part of the Jewish community. From Israeli dancing at camps to doing the Horah at a wedding or B’nai Mitzvah, the whole culture has many connections to music. These connections oftentimes include music that no one else would consider as being super Jewish, yet due to being in a culture that revolves around songs, Jewish people may think these songs give off very strong Jewish vibes. Here is my top 5 list of songs that aren’t associated with Judaism but definitely should be.

5. Livin’ On a Prayer- Bon Jovi

Now this may just be my experience, but Livin’ on a Prayer is a classic song that is played at any Jewish event. Bat Mitzvah, camp, wedding, you name it and the DJ will be playing this song. It gives me such strong memories of Judaism that I say it’s time for the Jewish world to claim the song once and for all.

4. Dancing Queen- Abba

To start, any band named Abba automatically gives Jew. This band is literally called “Dad” in Hebrew and no one can convince me otherwise. Other than that obvious factor, it is known that Jews love to dance. If you were to go to any Jewish celebration everyone would be up and dancing as dancing is so ingrained in our culture. Thus, Dancing Queen is a Jewish song.

3. Stick Season- Noah Kahan

To be perfectly honest, this song is on the list because it is the perfect campfire song. At sleepaway camp when everyone is gathered around the fire this is the first tune that anyone thinks to strum on the guitar. However, there is nothing that is more important to Jewish culture than sleepaway camp in my opinion. Every one of my big Jewish experiences have all stemmed from camp, so this song is making the list due to that connection.

2. No Body No Crime- Haim X Taylor Swift

This song may be cheating as Haim is actually Jewish, but I’m going to count it. First, there’s the mention of “Este” which is a famous nickname for Esther who is the famous queen from the Purim story. Next, there is all of the town gossip that is discussed in the song. In my experience, I have found that there is nothing that Jews love more than talking with one another. It is one of the reasons we are so connected is all of the gossip that goes on between the Jewish mothers. Overall, it is great to see Jewish artists featured on mainstream songs especially when they create songs that give off Jewish vibes in the best way.

1. Any Pitbull Song

Pitbull is a Jewish icon and I will not hear otherwise.

Shira Preis is a BBG who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and she loves to dance and write in her free time.

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