Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Windsor, Ontario

June 11, 2021
Jessica Robins

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Class of 2023

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1. The Detroit River 

The Detroit River is not only gorgeous, but is one of the busiest waterways in the world; connecting Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron to the St. Lawrence Seaway. It is also the boundary between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan! On the Windsor side, there is a long walkway featuring many historic statues and landmarks. 

2. Erie Street 

This street has an area called Via Italia which has a bunch of beautiful coffee shops and Italian restaurants! There are so many gorgeous photo ops there and if you are ever in Windsor, Erie Street is the place to be. 

3. Point Pelee 

Point Pelee is a gorgeous park and along the thin strip of rocky sand at the south end of the park lies the most southern point in Canada. This park’s latitude is roughly the same as Rome’s and Northern California’s. 

4. Walkerville 

Walkerville is a historic area in east Windsor where a famous whisky manufacturer named Hiram Walker built his iconic and multimillion-dollar whisky empire on 468 acres of land in 1856. During the Prohibition area, the neighborhoods surrounding the Hiram Walker whisky distilleries, many speakeasies, and underground pubs were created. Now they are available for tours and some even still operate as cafes and bars. This area is also filled with unique gift shops and bookstores!

5. Anchor Coffee Shop 

Anchor is my personal favorite coffee shop in Windsor! Their coffee shop is located in the center of the historic Walkerville neighborhood. All of the food available on their menu is made in-house and uses a variety of local ingredients! They offer gluten-free, dairy-free as well as vegan options and can cater to any dietary restrictions.

Jessica Robins is a BBG from Ahavah BBG #293 in Michigan Region 1701 and lives in Canada.

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