Top 10 Reasons to Check Out BBYO On Demand

May 4, 2020
Hannah Cantor

Denver, Colorado, United States

Class of 2022

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The world has gone into a panic mode. Supermarkets selling out of basically everything (at least in Colorado). Schools are canceled, extra curricular activities are postponed, and BBYO is needing to come up with a solution with what to do with all the events.

The solution: BBYO On Demand.

You may be asking “what is BBYO On Demand?” Well, BBYO On Demand is basically a Netflix for Jewish teens anywhere, no matter BBYO membership or not. Here are my top 10 reasons as to why you need to check out BBYO On Demand.

1. Connect with the International Order from the comfort of your bed

With BBYO On Demand, you can watch whatever you feel like in your bed. Whether you are learning about the Israeli Election from Nitzan or join the summer meet ups all from your bed.

2. Social connection > social distancing

Social distancing is hard. But why social distance yourself from everything you did in your everyday life when you can social connect. Connect with Jewish teens online and get streaming!

3. Keep up with programming

With many states and countries in emergency situations, many BBYO events have to be canceled. But not fully canceled thanks to BBYO On Demand. Instead of going to your chapter event in person, go online.

4. Tune into other councils and regions programming

Besides just attending your own chapter programs, you can stream other regions programs and other chapters!

5. Meet new people

Hop on one of the summer meet ups or chofesh hangouts with Emily and meet some new people from all over. You can even meet some people who are a part of other youth groups.

6. Stay busy and hyped on all things BBYO

Time off from school and your regular routines can be long and boring. But you can fill your time by streaming whatever you want on BBYO On Demand. Hey, you can even host your own episode!

7. Tune out on what's going on in the world, and tune in to something you like

You are in BBYO because you clearly love it. So put your time and focus to hanging out, chatting, learning, and watching from other Jewish teens around the world.

8. Host your very own session

Ever wanted to be the host of a talk show? Or have your own cooking show? NOW is your chance!

9. So many options, whenever you want

The options for watching are endless. From learning about the U.S. Election Debate to an Israeli Cooking Food Demo, there are so many options and you will for sure find one that sparks your interest. The best part is, many of the streams will be recorded and posted on YouTube so you can literally watch whenever.

10. You basically have a free Netflix at your fingertips

Watch whatever, wherever, whenever all on BBYO On Demand.

Hannah is a BBG from Celeste Sobol BBG #1210 in the Rocky Mountain Region and she is her high school Feature Twirler.

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