Dreams, Thoughts, and Wishes Related to the New Year.

March 2, 2020
Angel Andreev

Sofia, Bulgaria

Class of 2021

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Hello, or welcome if you're new! Maybe I should start a YouTube channel (just kidding). So, it's been a while and I was thinking about what might be interesting for me to talk about.

I am incredibly grateful for the previous year. Some of my dreams came true, others didn't, but nobody's perfect, so we should simply be grateful for all the things that happen for us because it teaches us a lesson about life! 

2020 has started, obviously, and I am looking forward to many things. Firstly, I'll share my dreams and achievements for the new year :

  1. I really want to attend International Kallah. I really want to feel the magic and experience everything there. I would also love to hear more about your experiences in the program!
  2. I want to be a coordinator for Ambassadors to Bulgaria because I've seen and enjoyed their programs. So maybe it's time for me to return the favor and make the trip the most incredible for all of you coming to Bulgaria! 
  3. I really want to make new friends around the world, because I want to know more things about your cultures and about all of you because it's really great to make friendships across the order! 
  4. From a personal point of view, I want it to be a year in which I spend time with my loved ones! I want to make everyone happy because that's the greatest gift someone can give as well as receive. I want many things actually, like becoming a madrich and being successful in my studies. Most of all, I want to be genuinely happy! 2019 was nice and everything, but I had several obstacles to overcome in order to be truly happy, so I was overthinking things a lot. This made it harder for me to feel better. 2020 is about happiness and love for me. It's about doing what I love, being with those I love, love the new things and people I will get to live out experiences with and most importantly, it's about loving myself! 

To finish things off, I hope that all of you will achieve and find the things that you're dreaming about! Make the most of your year! Experience everything, do things out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself and to feel fresh! Smile, and be around those you really love! Just be yourself and don't worry too much, because everything will be fine! Have the greatest year and just smile! 

Angel Andreev is an Aleph from BBYO Bulgaria and he loves dancing.

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