Top 10 Must Haves for the Perfect Summer at Sleepaway Camp

June 14, 2023
Julia Bakman

Los Angeles, California, United States

Class of 2025

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Having the right essentials will ensure you make the most of your time at camp. Having spent countless summers immersed in camp life, I, along with my best camp friends, bring you our go-to packing list. So here are 10 must-have items to pack for an unforgettable time at camp!

1. A Digital Camera:

Capture every moment with a digital camera or polaroid to document your summer. From campfire skits to shabbat vlogs & pictures, you'll want to look back on these memories for years and years to come.

2. Color Wars Colored Clothing & Accessories:

Come prepared to deck yourself out in fun colors of tutus, necklaces, and other accessories to show your enthusiasm and competitive team spirit camp tradition.

3. Fan:

I cannot stress this enough!! Stay cool during hot summer nights with a portable clip on fan! It's the perfect size to ensure you get your beauty sleep, especially when the temperatures rise.

4. Cute Stationery:

Send letters and notes to your friends and family back home with adorable stationery. You can be creative while sharing camp stories through handwritten notes.

5. Hydro Flask:

Stay hydrated throughout the day with a sticker covered Hydro Flask water bottle. With long days filled with activities and time outdoors, having a reliable water bottle is crucial.

6. Flashlight:

It's an essential for exploring camp, late night letter writing, star tipping, post lights out cabin bonding, or reading under the covers.

7. Colorful Converse:

Complete your daily camp outfits with a pair of colorful Converse. Not only do they add a splash of uniqueness to your outfits, but they're also comfortable & reliable for all your camp activities.

8. Tons of Swimwear:

With swimming & water activities as a popular camp activity, having lots of swimwear is a must. Pack a few extra bathing suits to ensure you're always ready to jump in the lake or pool.

9. Friendship Bracelet String:

Continue the tradition of making friendship bracelets by packing tons of colorful friendship string. Spend time hanging out with friends and create lasting mementos of your camp friendships & remember to flash all your bracelets to create a sick camp wrist!

10. Live in the moment! Your time at camp and as a camper is limited, so make the most of every moment & have so much fun!

With these 10 essentials, you're ready to go on an unforgettable summer at camp. From capturing your best memories with a digital camera to showing team spirit during Color Wars, these must-haves will help you make the most of your summer and ensure that you're prepared for all the adventures that await.So pack your bags, embrace the excitement, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Julia Bakman is a BBG from Lilith BBG in Pacific Western Region. When she’s not at a BBYO event, you can find Julia reading a good book or going to a concert with friends!

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