Advisor Appreciation Month

February 25, 2021
Mason Levitt

Livingston, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2022

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Hey, Alephs and BBGs!

Raise your hand if you’re feeling overwhelmed or down or lost? 🙋 We are just about hitting the one-year mark of the pandemic, and I know many of us have experienced our own highs and lows throughout this crazy year. If you are looking for a boost, did you know expressing gratitude is actually scientifically proven to make you happy? There’s something about saying “thank you” that shifts our outlook to be more positive, and why not say thank you to those in BBYO!

This March, we have a big opportunity to share out those warm fuzzies! For Advisor Appreciation Month, we have 31 days of celebration for our unsung heroes of BBYO (and, of course, bonus points to you for celebrating all year long!). Last year, we rolled out a resource titled “31 Days of Advisor Appreciation,” and we’re happy to share a new pandemic edition of the resource to spark ideas and generate even more gratitude across the Order. Do you want to celebrate your advisor even more? Fill out this #AdvisorWins form to share all the awesome ways your advisor helps your chapter!

It’s impossible to quantify all the good advisors invest into us, our chapters, and regions. And it’s impossible to mark your impact when you text that quick “appreciate you” or send that gif you know will make your advisor smile. Let’s dive into this month with countless moments of thanks and gratitude to our 700+ strong advisor community. We are so grateful for the work they do, the hours they spend with us, and all of the big and small ways they make the world better. During my time in BBYO, I’ve had four advisors, and all of them taught me how to become a better leader, person, and Aleph; thank you Judi, Brad, Adam, and Jon.

Mason Levitt serves on the ILN Advisor Task Force.

Advisors from Rocky Mountain Region. (Photo taken pre-COVID)

Mason Levitt is an Aleph from GJHRR: Northern and is a council board member and Eagle Scout.

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