Top 10 Foods Featured at Perlman Camp

November 10, 2023
Alexandra Greenberg

Denver, Colorado, United States

Class of 2025

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I had the most incredible experience this summer at Perlman. Through many laughs, lessons learned, and friends created, one thing many people don't talk about is the food. Here is a top 10 list of my favorite foods served at Perlman!

1. Bread Bowls: Whenever it was a bread bowl day, it was a good day. The perfect bread bowl with a choice of vegetable soup or broccoli cheddar soup, with options to put cheese on top, was the perfect flavor that filled my mouth every lunch and belly.

2. Egg McPerlman: Top-tier breakfast food; this might get some criticism, but it covers all elements of a perfect meal. Biscuit (carbs), Egg (protein), and cheese (protein) all tied together in tin foil—Egg McMuffin copy but with the magic of Perlman. The melty cheese on the egg in the biscuit perfectly balances each other out. The tin foil kept it hot, steamy, and ready to eat. It can be perfectly paired with chocolate milk (coming later).

3. Pasta Festival ❤❤❤: #1 dinner option. Chef Jeff prepared 3 different kinds of pasta and sauces. We had penne, spaghetti, and bowtie along with marinara and alfredo. This was paired with a warm piece of garlic bread packed with flavor. It's definitely a perfect way to end a long night of fun.

4. Pizza Wheels: What even is a pizza wheel, you might ask? Well, a pizza wheel is like a cinnamon roll but pizza with garlic sauce on top. It sounds weird, but definitely extremely filling and savory. This can be paired with a salad from the delicious salad bar.

5. Salad Bar: Some people get a salad every day, and some never get one. I personally LIVED by salad at Perlman. My personal salad recipe is romaine lettuce, carrots, onions, croutons, and honey mustard. Tip from Zara Sebolsky (NSR’s Regional S’ganit Nassau): if they run out of your favorite salad dressing, ask Chef Jeff, and he will order it. A salad is the perfect addition to a meal that might just not be filling enough and provides energy for your day ahead.

6. Chocolate Milk: I know this isn't a meal, but every morning at milk meals, we have chocolate milk. This provides some energy for the day and is perfect with some cereal or an Egg McPerlman.

7. Shabbos Cakeeee: There are many different types of Shabbos cake. Vanilla, chocolate, and different frostings. Personally, I love chocolate chocolate. It's the best way to celebrate Shabbat with our friends.

8. Transition Day Sushi: This is one of the bonuses of staying at full Perlman. That was the best decision ever. We had a karaoke night and ordered sushi. We ordered about 75 pieces of sushi and had such a good night. I'm not sure if Pennsylvania sushi is great, but it was definitely needed at the moment.

9. BBQ Night Hot Dogs: Okay, some people might not agree with this. But I truly don't think you can mess up a hot dog. You get to pick any toppings, and you can pair this with tater tots or curly fries, which perfectly combines this into a full meal.

10. Shabbos Brisket: My favorite Shabbat dinner. This is a juicy, salty, amazing piece of brisket paired with potatoes and other vegetables. This was only served twice but is definitely my favorite Shabbat dinner option and energized me for my night of dancing ahead.

Alexandra Greenberg is a BBG from Tikvah BBG #2550 in Rocky Mountain Region who loves Apple Music.

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