Predictions of My Favorite Songs on 1989 Taylor’s Version

October 26, 2023
Laya Sternoff

Bellevue, Washington, United States

Class of 2026

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1989 (Taylor’s Version) is coming out on October 27, 2023, at 9pm PST and 12am EST. In the list below, I am going to be ranking each track before they come out. I’d say I am a pretty big swiftie. I went to the Seattle Reputation tour in 2017 and the Eras tour in Seattle on night 1. I put "I Know Places" as number one because I think it has one of the best bridges of all time and the best in the album. I put "Shake It Off" as number twenty-one because it is way overplayed (yes, it is still a good song) but is definitely very iconic. I hope you enjoy my list!   

  1. I Know Places (Taylor’s Version) 
  2. New Romantics (Taylor’s Version)  
  3. Slut! (Taylor’s Version) (From the vault)
  4. Wonderland (Taylor’s Version) 
  5. Now That We Don’t Talk (Taylor’s Version) (From the vault) 
  6. Out of The Woods (Taylor’s Version) 
  7. Style (Taylor’s Version) 
  8. I Wish You Would (Taylor’s Version) 
  9. Welcome to New York (Taylor’s Version) 
  10. You are in love (Taylor’s Version) 
  11. Bad Blood (Taylor’s Version) 
  12. Is It Over Now? (Taylor’s Version) (From the vault)
  13. Clean (Taylor’s Version) 
  14. Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) 
  15. Say Don’t Go (Taylor’s Version) (From the vault)
  16. How you get the Girl  (Taylor’s Version) 
  17. This Love  (Taylor’s Version) 
  18. Suburban Legends  (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault) 
  19. All You Had to Do Was Stay  (Taylor’s Version) 
  20. Blank Space (Taylor’s Version) 
  21. Shake it Off (Taylor’s Version) 

Me and my best friend featured on the Seattle venues Instagram!!

Laya is a BBG from Evergreen Region #46 and she is a Taylor Swift super fan

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