10 Reasons Why YOU Should Go On CLTC

November 5, 2021
Maya Stone

New York, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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10. Sign Up... No Question

9. The Best 12 Days of Your Life

This might be so cliche, but it actually is the best 12 days ever. There are so many fun activities as well as getting to meet new people from the international order.

8. Comittees

Just like in a chapter, you will be separated into committees such as Press Corps (obviously the best one), fundraising, programming, and the Jewish Enrichment. This gives you the chance to work with specific board positions and what they do, which is great if you are interested in leadership.

7. You Can Grow as a Person

You can grow as a person because you will learn leadership skills, however, you also will learn life skills and reshape your way of thinking.

6. Leadership Staff Impact

The Leadership staff had a big impact on me. My leadership staff member pushed me to do things that were outside my comfort zone. I also got the opportunity to have a bond with my staff member. 

5. Friendship and Spirit Circle

Where do I start? Friendship/spirit circle will always have a place in my heart, whether we are participating in late-night dodgeball, a pitch-perfect riff-off, or even just screaming until we lose our voices. I also loved getting to learn a bunch of new chants, such as the BBG heartbeat.

4. Mock Chapter Boards

Want the chance to hold a board position? Well, CLTC is your chance to do that! In your cabin, there are mock chapter boards, where you can experience a board position that you may want to run for in the future.

3. Leadership Skills

Every day on CLTC, you meet with your leadership staff from around the order. There is a set time for you to meet with your cabin's staff member and each day you learn a different leadership skill. Most of these skills will help when being a leader in your own chapter. We learned all about MRIHA, as well!

2. The People You Will Meet

Upon arrival at camp, you will meet your camp Madrichim (aka counselors) and the BBGs/or Alephs in your assigned cabin. The people in your cabin immediately become your family.  You will also get to meet other people in other cabins during programs and activities throughout the day. All of the people I met on CLTC are now my best friends.

1. Shabbat and Havdalah

Two of my favorite parts of CLTC were havdalah and Shabbat. The first Shabbat at CLTC was especially amazing! It had so many things in the lineups starting with Shabbat pictures, followed by dinner (the Birkat Hamazon is my favorite thing EVER), and services. To end the night we had Shira. Shira was a dance party where they put lights all around the tennis courts.

Maya Stone is BBG living in New York and loves to read.

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