The First South Latin America Shabaton

November 27, 2022
Olivia Chorovicz

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2024

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“A trip is experienced three times: when we dream it, when we live it and finally when we remember it”. - Joaquin Salomon, Uruguay region.

This month, South Latin America had their first “Shabatón”, where people from Chile, Uruguay and Argentina joined in Buenos Aires city to experience an exciting weekend full of experiences and, more importantly, full of making new friends.

It all started at 4pm on Friday the 21st; 29 people from different regions had their first program together. All the new faces and names… It was so confusing.

  • Hi my name is Olivia from Argentina.
  • Hi! I am Eial from Uruguay.
  • Oh hi Eitan!
  • No no, Eial.
  • Huh? Sorry there is so much noise in here!!
  • *Awkward end*

Later at night, the Shabaton group was heading to the synagogue to enjoy Shabat. They had all just met and were already hugging each other and singing “Shema Israel” together. No matter their differences, there was a Jewish passion uniting everyone in the room. As everyone began to talk to one another and learn more about each other's countries, they realized just how much they had in common.

  • Do you used to watch Dosogas on Youtube?
  • YES, of course! Do you remember their songs?
  • They were my favorite songs at the moment, I used to listen to them everyday, I’ll play them.
  • *Plays “Los Copiones” by Dosogas*

The next day, they woke up, still tired, but it didn't matter at all. They were heading to the synagogue again to do tefilá, and suddenly, two Argentinian girls, who had not been Bat Mitzahed, got an opportunity to read from the Torah and become a Bat Mitzvah. It was crazy!

  • Wait, have we been Bat Mitzvahed now?
  • Yes! It is because you are up here reading the Torah.
  • We can’t believe it.
  • *Everyone starts singing “Mazal Tov*

This weekend was amazing, and the memories made will last a lifetime.

Olivia is a BBG from Buenos Aires, Argentina and really loves travelling and wellness.

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