Joining BBYO? Here’s a Few Things You Should Know!

October 7, 2022
Lucy Warner

Leawood, Kansas, United States

Class of 2025

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A few things I wish I knew before I started BBYO… 

To be quite honest, I originally said no to joining BBYO. I was a busy eighth grader, from being involved in various extracurriculars, including competitive dance, religious school, show choir, to preparing for high school. Meanwhile, there was a global pandemic happening and everything for this new “thing” I was being asked to join would mostly be Zoom links sent out every week. Well, once I texted Alexandra (who is now one of my best friends, the chapter MIT Mom, a position on chapter board where a BBG is in charge of helping members-in-training (MITs), that I would be declining her invitation to join, I instantly had regrets. I am someone who has a big fear of missing out, so I decided to text back saying that I would give it a try, but no promises…I went to the program and instantly felt at home. 

1. Be ready and willing to try new things and keep an open mind

Don’t be like pre-BBYO Lucy and just say no right off of the bat. Give it a try. There is truly no harm. You will probably be given the opportunity at some point in your BBYO path to try something you might never have done before. Just go for it!

2. Make time in your schedule to come to programs!

We all have a full plate. High schoolers put a lot on themselves. Try and fit in a program or two every month and see how great it feels to be involved, even if it is just for a short time.

3. Get involved 

Gaining great leadership skills and playing a role in your chapter/region is a big part of life and BBYO! I was not planning to be involved on board, but one night, we were having elections on Zoom and I was bored and wanted to have my voice heard in electing the upcoming board (with no intent to run or really be involved other than voicing my opinion). I was nominated for Mekesheret, meaning I was assisting the MIT Mom, and won! This was a great way for me to be involved in my chapter, even if I played a small role! Small roles can turn into big roles if you give it a shot! 

4. Go to regional and international conventions! Meet your new best friends!

Conventions are SO important! Getting to be a part of regional (and international) bonding activities for an entire weekend is so beneficial for making friends! After my first convention (Mid America Region, Spring Regional Convention 2022!) I was already planning my trip to Minneapolis to visit my new friends, Lexi and Sage, over Memorial Day Weekend!

5. You can never have too many Jewish friends!

My brother, Mason, is still hesitant to join BBYO and loves to tell me that he doesn’t need more Jewish friends. NOT TRUE MASON. You can never have too many Jewish friends! I have met so many more Jewish friends since joining BBYO than I could have ever imagined and can’t wait to meet more! If you feel this way, just wait and see!

Lucy Warner is a BBG from Mid America Region: Kansas City, and she loves to dance, hangout with her friends, and meet new people.

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