The Best Bagels Of All Time: Ranked

January 23, 2024
Elliot Kritzer

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Class of 2026

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I love bagels so much so here is my ranking of the all-time best bagels! This was such a hard decision to make because I love so many types of bagels. Please note that just because some bagels may not have made my list that does not mean I do not love them. I love all bagels. Now before we start with the list, I am going to give some of my honorable mentions. My honorable mentions go to Montreal bagels, sesame bagels, and whole wheat bagels. Now onto the real list….

At number five we got a cheddar cheese bagel.

This bagel is easily one of my favorites. I am a die-hard cheese lover so when you put it with a bagel, you know I'm a fan. These bagels are always a treat to bite into and leave me with no regrets. The reason that it is a bit lower on the list is the topping selection. Not a lot of things pair best with cheese but this bagel will always be a favorite of mine.

For number four we have a blueberry bagel.

I go BERRY insane over these bagels. These bagels are the go-to breakfast bagel for me. I love to toast a good old blueberry bagel and put some Nutella on it. This is one of the best bagels just because of the unique flavor it brings to the bagel world. The reason it's a bit low is because I only like to eat this bagel during breakfast or very late at night. This bagel is very much a time-sensitive bagel, but a favorite nonetheless. 

At number three we have an everything bagel.

You can never go wrong with an everything bagel. Any time, any topping, toasted or not, this bagel is a go-to. I love to eat this bagel with a variety of things and it always is amazing. This bagel has so many different flavors and I always love every bite. However, this bagel does not stand out. While I am always down to eat it, if I have the opportunity to eat a different bagel, I’d probably eat that one. However, this bagel is a classic so I’d always love to eat this bagel.

For my very close second, we have a Jerusalem bagel. 

I love a Jerusalem bagel. A bagel straight from my homeland, what could be better! This bagel is one of my favorite things to eat. I love to come home to see a Jerusalem bagel sitting on the counter. This bagel has such an amazing soft taste. There is nothing better than getting a good taste of this bagel. The only reason this bagel is not my number one is the topping options. I feel very limited when it comes to the toppings and usually eat it plain due to this. If I felt less limited with this bagel it would be my number one.

For my top choice of bagels, I have a classic plain bagel!

With this bagel, you can never go wrong. I love a good old classic plain bagel. This bagel has so many different opportunities with toppings, toasted or not, and more! I can have this bagel for any meal and always be satisfied. There are so many different ways to eat this bagel and each way is great.

I hope you all enjoyed my ranking of bagels!

Elliot is an Aleph from Simcha BBYO in Lake Ontario Region and he loves reading, listening to Taylor Swift, and Crocs!

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