The 10 Best Ways to Decorate Your Room For Fall

October 27, 2022
Emma Vesely

Brooklyn, NY, US

Class of 2023

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  1. Window stickers

These fun decorations come in many different styles, types, and colors. Any design will spice up your window to show your fall energy!

  1. Cozy blankets

Cozy blankets are a MUST in the fall when it gets cold out and you just want to snuggle up!

  1. Pumpkins

Fake pumpkins come in many different sizes and colors. Adding these around your room will make your room feel more aesthetic and ready for fall!

  1. Layer rugs on top of rugs

One rug is cozy- but adding a second rug on top makes it even cozier! There are many different styles to choose from, but make sure to choose colors that will compliment each other!

  1. Fall throw pillows

Throw pillows always puts an extra touch on your bed, but putting fall ones makes your room look even better for the season!

  1. Set the mood with fall scented candles

Candles always make your room smell nice but adding fall scented candles will make it even better! Some amazing fall scents are pumpkin, apple, and spice!

  1. Make your lights look and feel cozy

Light makes a huge difference in a space, especially when it's small. Adding soft low-lights in your room will make a huge difference and enhance the cozy fall vibes!

  1. Choose a warm color scheme

Fall is the time again to bring in those warm colors (like orange, green, and brown). Adding these colors will make your room feel more warm and cozy!

  1. Wreaths

Hanging fall wreaths above your bed will add a fun energy into your room! A big part of fall is the leaves falling off the trees and changing colors- so adding wreaths will bring in amazing autumn vibes!

  1. Fall wall signs and pictures 

There are so many cute fall quotes and pictures that will bring that full touch of coziness to your room! Choose any that calm or inspire you.

Emma Vesely is a BBG from New York and she has broken 15 bones.

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