Keeping Pace: April Edition | Grand Aleph Godol

May 6, 2022
Jared Wilen

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2021

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Hey AZA & BBG! I’m back with another edition of #KeepingPace. April was jam-packed with so much happening and seeing our movement thrive. It started off in Israel, where Emma and I got to spend a week with our friends at Maccabi Tzair! After Israel, I went straight to Chicago to be at GMR’s Spring Convention for the weekend! 

Afterward, I headed to Washington, DC for Presidental Transitions with Levi and Avi, the incoming Grand Aleph Godol and International Nsiah. We spent 3 days visioning for the year ahead, offering wisdom we have from the past year, and so much more. 

I then went to Florida to spend Passover seder with my family before heading to Pittsburgh to visit Keystone Mountain. I had dinner with their Regional Board, saw teens that we’re attending summer programs, and so much more. For that weekend, I went to Syracuse New York to attend Syracuse University's admitted students weekend! 

After my term ends, I’ll be heading to Syracuse for the next 4 years and it was a great weekend to get a taste of my next four. Last but not least, I recently finished my visit to Dallas where I spent the week with NTO, attending their Spring Convention, and so much more. It was a jam-packed and eventful month of April, and 

I’m excited to see where the last month of my journey takes me! See you next month for my final #KeepingPace

Jared Wilen is an Aleph from South Jersey Region and is the 97th Grand Aleph Godol.

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