Styling for Taylor Swift Concerts

April 19, 2023
Rebecca Perlman

Glen Head, New York, United States

Class of 2025

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To make it easy we are going to go by album and the majority of the items will be from Amazon. I am going to give multiple options depending on what you like to wear and what city you are seeing her in because sometimes it may be cold or sometimes it may be hot. Throughout the article feel free to mix and match different items and click the name below the images to be taken to the exact item. But, no matter what you will be looking your best and save your voice because you better be ready to sing Swifties.


  Dress                            Shoes                              Earrings                               Bracelets
   Pants                              Shirts                                      Earrings
     Skirt                                         Shirt                                              Boots

Speak Now

   Pants                  Shirts                    Earrings                     Rings
   Dress                                        Boots                                              Jewelry
Shorts                Shirt               Shoes                 Clips


      Skirt                                               Shirt                                               Boots                           Earrings
Pants        Shirt        Shoes      Necklaces
         Romper                                 Shoes                                                   Earrings


       Dress                                           Boots                                       Headband
Dress            Earrings
Shirt          Skirt          Sunglasses


Flannel     Top     Skirt     Boots
Jeans            Sweater
Jeans         Sweater        Necklaces        Boots

Red (Taylor's Version)

Skirt Shirt Jacket               Sunglasses
     Pants                  Bodysuit                     Boots                       Earrings                       Sunglasses
Dress          Headband Jacket


Dress Shoes Earrings
Shirt Skirt                        Earrings
Stockings Skirt Shirt                     Earrings

Rebecca is a BBG from Jericho, New York, who shares a birthday with her dad.

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