Social Life in Columbia

November 7, 2022
Tammy Esquenazi Moreno

Bogotá, Colombia

Class of 2025

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Some of you might think that life in Colombia does not have anything special. However, this is not the case. Life in Colombia has a lot of movement and is extremely vibrant. Where I live, Bogota, is the center and capital of this culture. We have regular work and school during the week that goes from Monday to Friday. On Fridays, there are people that go and party with friends, there are people that go and have shabbat with their families, but it's more normal for young people to go out to parties at night. On Saturday you normally just chill at your house. You could go to the club with your family and friends, have lunch together, or play some sports. At night, there are always going to be parties. 

The most special day is Sunday because it is when you can spend time with your family. You have the option to just chill at your house, or you could go to the ciclovia, a bike path that circles the city. On Sundays you can go with friends and family to ride a bike, run, or walk . The ciclovia is around all of Bogota. The city normally locks some streets so cars do not pass because there are going to be people riding a bike or playing sports. This also happens when there's a holiday in Colombia, so people can have space to do sports in a fun way. While you are in the ciclovia, you're going to be able to listen to some people playing music, selling food on the street, and you'll see a lot of people playing sports. 

There's some people that don't go to the ciclovia, and they could go to a ferias. A ferias is like a fair where you can buy some stuff or hangout with friends. During weekends, there's almost always some ferias; they normally take place in different parks around Bogota. 

I personally like to hangout a lot with friends and to go partying. Passing time with our friends and families is the most important thing. I feel that here, in Colombia, you are always going to have an active life because there's a lot of things you could do. In my family, we normally have Shabbat on Friday with our family, Saturday we chill. At around 3:30-4, I have an activity with Kineret, a youth organization in Bogota. I spend time with my friends, and then at night I go partying. On Sunday, I try to be with my family and chill, finish some homework and probably cook something. 

Tammy Esquenazi is a BBG from Bogota, Colombia! She loves baking, making jewelry, graphic design and photography. She loves watching TikTok to see what's trending and to learn which Starbucks drink to should try.

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