Sharpay Evans is Not the Villain

October 29, 2021
Alyssa Kaufmann

Denver, Colorado, United States

Class of 2025

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Sharpay, one of the main characters in the High School Musical trilogy, is one of the most nuanced and discussed movie antagonists of all time. What if I were to tell you that she is, in fact, not the villain, but the protagonist of the films?

In reality, Sharpay is the victim. While many of her actions seem spiteful, Sharpay is just being honest. She tells Troy and Gabriella that they should audition for supporting roles because they had never been in a musical before, and they had other commitments interfering with theater. In a real-life theater production, when would a first-time thespian with no previous experience be selected for the main role of a production? Sharpay was not being rude, she was being honest. The truth hurts sometimes. Plus, Troy and Gabriella did not have the time nor ability to commit to theater. The main roles should have gone to Sharpay and Ryan because they were prepared to make a commitment, and they had previous experience.

What songs do you know from the High School Musical movies? I bet one of them is Bop to the Top. That song, and performance, were immaculate. Sharpay and Ryan had an amazing audition performance and they wrote an awesome song. Troy and Gabriella showed up late, and didn’t sing their own original song. Acting in a musical takes more than just a good voice, it takes a performance. Sharpay and Ryan were performers.

Sharpay was the rightful and best choice for the lead of the musical, but the theater teacher, Mrs.Darbus, casted based on popularity, not the best candidate. Sharpay is the victim here. She is widely disliked by her peers, but that does not denote her talent. Teachers are supposed to rise above these issues and choose the best person for the role, but Mrs. Darbus didn’t follow this unwritten rule.

Sharpay had talent, and she was the “A-list” performer of the school. In this universe, she is probably the only one to become rich and famous. This story is not one of an antagonist, but an origin story of a successful woman. Sharpay knows she is the main character, and she will do whatever she thinks is necessary for herself. Sharpay is not a villain, but a morally grey protagonist.

Alyssa Kaufmann is a BBG from Denver, Colorado and she likes to play the guitar!

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