Convention Bathrooms: Where It’s At

December 19, 2022
Claire Lenkin

Rockville, Maryland, United States

Class of 2025

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There’s no doubt that conventions are one of the best parts of BBYO. Whether it’s a council, regional, or even international one, seeing tons of people and experiencing programming and Judaism together with other teens is an unmatched experience. While programs at conventions are often top-tier and meaningful, I’ve had some of my favorite convention moments not at an actual program, but in the bathroom. 

It’s well known that for girls, the bathroom is often not just a bathroom but a place to talk, debrief the group or cry when things get a little too much. At conventions, this is amplified. There are always girls coming in and out of the bathrooms and discussions are always flying around. All it takes is one person sitting down for a whole group to form and names, snaps, and laughs to be exchanged. Meaningful conversation can be found in so many places in BBYO, but barely any have compared to ones I’ve had sitting on cold tile floors with the noise of flushing and hand drying in the background. There is truly no sisterhood like what can be found in BBYO and it’s those random conversations and quick friends that make BBYO what it is. 

BBYO is a unique environment in that you can talk to someone for thirty minutes in a bathroom and have found an amazing friend. All in all, the next time you’re worried you aren’t making friends, just head to the bathroom! Enjoy your conventions, and shout out to all the girls who love bathroom conversations :)

Claire Lenkin is a BBG from Maryland who loves playing tennis, summer camp, and hanging out with friends.

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