Together We Remember

November 8, 2019
Erica Negrini

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Class of 2020

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October 27, 2019. This date marked one year since the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since that horrific day, people from all religions and backgrounds around the world have joined together to offer support to the Jewish community. The amount of love and outreach that is still being shown today gives hope for a better future: one in which Anti-Semitism no longer exists. 

This year, on Saturday, October 26, teens from all around Pittsburgh held a commemorative Havdalah service to reflect on the past twelve months, and mourn the eleven victims that we lost. One year later, we still remember:

Joyce Fienberg (75)

Richard Gottfried (65)

Rose Mallinger (97)

Jerry Rabinowitz (66)

David Rosenthal (54)

Cecil Rosenthal (59)

Bernice Simon (84)

Sylvan Simon (86)

Melvin Wax (88)

Daniel Stein (71)

Irving Younger (69)

Together we remember. 


Erica Negrini is a BBG from Keystone Mountain Region and loves binging Netflix and eating hot cheetos.

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