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March 15, 2022
Ava Caiati

Port Washington, New York, United States

Class of 2023

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The time I have spent in the BBG Morot & Mekasherat Network so far this year has been inspiring, especially when looking for activities that I want to do with my own new members while I serve as Aym HaChaverot for the rest of the year! Here are some of the best new member program ideas that I have seen in our network or come up with on my own.

Topic: Education


  • Red Book decorating and annotating! Give each new member a red book to have as they begin their membership in BBG. Come up with any annotating ideas such as decorating a page that they are interested in learning more about or drawn to or putting stars/hearts/etc on a page that inspires them! There are many different approaches to this one. 
  • Cookies: each type of cookie frosting will represent a different fold or menorah pledge principle of BBG. New members can learn about BBG while decorating and making delicious cookies!
  • Charm Bracelet making: each type of charm represents a different fold of BBG or menorah pledge principle! A great and fun way to educate new members. 


  • Connect with past alumni to come in and share their BBYO experiences in an Alumni Panel while educating new members in the process. 

TOPIC: Recreation


  • Memory box making: start at the beginning of a new members’ time in BBYO and start to fill it with anything they have received or created in BBYO so far! This box can be something that the new member can continue to add to throughout their time in BBYO, eventually having a keepsake memory box. Decorate the memory box with photos, stickers, etc. 
  • Vision boards: can be done with posters, different types of paper, cardboard, etc. Use magazines and/or newspapers to have each new member fill the board with inspiring images (or images that remind them of their time so far in BBYO) and their goals, hopes, and dreams of what they want to achieve and experience in BBYO. 
  • New Member Pen Pal System: an amazing way for new members to actively meet each other and get to know one another. You can set this up through fun google form matching such as pairing two new members with the same favorite color, show, etc, and hyping up the pen pal pairing announcement. Make it fun! 
  • Scrapbook making: Give each new member a scrapbook to add photos from events that they attend to look back at throughout their BBYO journey. 

TOPIC: Separates Program Themes

  • Write and read aloud a letter to your past self or future self in BBYO.
  • Have each new member pick a song that means the most to them or describes them the best. Then, make a giant new member playlist with these meaningful songs.  
  • Characters from your childhood that you relate to or are inspired to be like.
  • Goals & dreams in BBYO.
  • Stars + being unique. Each star in space is unique and different. Share your own personal star of what makes you unique and learn more about other new members. 

I love to hear other ideas to incorporate with my own chapter’s new members. Feel free to reach out to me with any creative new member program ideas! 

Ava Caiati is a BBG from in Nassau Suffolk Region who loves BBYO.

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