5 Reasons Why I Recommend Running For Chapter S’ganit

December 12, 2022
Kyra Shevis

Orange, Connecticut, United States

Class of 2023

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1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Leading programs required me to take a big step out of my comfort zone. Being able to speak in front of a crowd is an essential part of being a S’ganit. Although initially I struggled with this new responsibility, I grew to love speaking in front of my chapter, and even my region. Personally, I found that after a little bit of practice, speaking in front of my chapter and leading programs was not difficult at all. I am extremely grateful that I was able to step out of my comfort zone for this role, as it has helped me in many other aspects of my life. I have gained confidence speaking not only at BBYO events, but in my classes, other activities, and in professional settings. 

2. Have Great Counterparts & A Huge Network

One incredible part of being on a chapter board is the network of people that you are connected with. I have found that the S’ganim network in particular is extremely special. Your regional counterparts, as well as other S’ganim in your region, will be there to assist you with anything you need. They will teach you how to write a program, implement the programming folds, and submit your final program. Beyond your region, you will meet S’ganim across the globe. This is extremely special, as you can learn what types of programming is occurring in other countries and maybe try out some of their ideas at your own events. 

3. Meet New People

Not only will you meet other S’ganim throughout your region and internationally, but as a S’ganit you will get the chance to interact with many new people in your chapter. As with any board position, part of being a S’ganit is to ensure all members feel welcome at chapter meetings or events. As S’ganit, I greeted many of our new members and aimed to ensure no one was ever sitting alone. I greatly enjoyed this part of being S’ganit, as it allowed me to speak to everyone who attended our chapter events, while also running the meeting.  

4. Learn New Skills

As you can imagine, S’ganim have many responsibilities; you have to meet deadlines to submit your programs, run a plethora of events, and ensure everyone is aware of important information. This requires you to have good communication, organizational skills, and time management abilities. Needless to say, many high school students could use assistance in improving these skills, and being a S’ganit will help immensely. During my time as S’ganit, I learned from both my counterparts and personal experiences how to improve my skills. I learned to communicate effectively and efficiently with other board members, to plan out when I have to submit programs, and how to gain the attention of my chapter or other groups. These skills will not only assist you in BBYO, but throughout your entire life. I have found that my time as S’ganit has helped me gain more confidence in my abilities at school and in other extracurricular activities as well. 

5. Gain Opportunities

Once you have become a S’ganit, there are many doors open to you; your new found confidence and abilities may lead you to becoming even more involved. You may help your new regional or international friends write or plan their chapter programs. Maybe you decide to help plan the programs for your regional convention, or even join the International Leadership Network and help with the planning of International Convention. Perhaps you will join or start an international committee or club. Some chapter S’ganim choose to continue to plan programs by running for their region’s S’ganit. After becoming a S’ganit, the possibilities are endless!

Kyra Shevis is a BBG from Connecticut Valley Region who loves s'mores and baby goats!

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