My Abnormal Spotify Playlist

January 15, 2021
Benji Lookatch

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Class of 2021

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When I ask people around me about their favorite music to listen to, I find that they are all similar genres; rap, pop, or alt-rock. I have nothing against those people because they can like whatever they want, but when those popular songs are played by everyone, it gets annoying in my opinion. The way I listen to music, I don’t feel like it gets old. I am always changing my genres, from jazz fusion to movie soundtracks, I hit the whole spectrum of music. This is why I made a Spotify playlist called “All Instrumental.” Instrumental music can’t get old because there’s not one interpretation of what the song means. One person will interpret the song one way while another will have their own feeling. Below are some excerpts from the playlist:

“I’ll Tell You Someday” by Plini

I just found out about this song the other day in a recommended list and WOW! This is the best mix of metal and prog rock. It’s very calm at the beginning, then the guitar feels metal, but everything else stays prog rock. It’s a cool morphing of genres.

“Hang Glide” by Anomalie & Rob Araujo

This is electronic music, but not as you know it. I know, you think of electronic music like EDM or music with big bass drops, but this is different. The song starts lofi-esque and ends with a mix of jazz with an electronic synth. A quarter way through the song, there is a bass drop, but with jazzy sounds. This is a great song to play in the background while doing schoolwork or anything else.

“Stella” by Arch Echo

No other song here is as fast and complex as Stella. While fast can sound bad, these guys determined how to make it sound good while ending the song in one piece.

“The Curtain” by Snarky Puppy & Metropole Orkest

I understand not everyone likes classical alone, but when you have a jazz/pop orchestra and a jazz-rock band, it's a masterpiece. It starts with an orchestral section, but then you hear out of the blue a drum section transitioning into a jazz/classical sound. Soon come soloing like most jazz. Ideas are flowing from all musicians. They add their own flair to the song. While the solo continues, we hear strings underscoring making the music sound open and free. After all of the solos, the piano has its time to shine. It's like it’s his own concert, being the center of attention with little accompaniment. It then transitions to an uplifting orchestral section to close out the song.

"All Instrumental" can be found here.

Benji Lookatch is an Aleph from Wisconsin Region and a drummer.

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