Programming with AJT

March 18, 2019
Marilla Goydenko

Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

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AJT stands for Active Jewish Teens. This is the place where we can get acquainted with the Jewish world, Jewish teenagers, but also realize our own identities. You probably ask the question- "How?" Every year, two seminars take place in the CIS where teens can start their projects. The project for each teenager is something special, they are ready to prepare, thinks through, and organize each lesson. These lessons provide teens with information about the Jewish world through informal education and programming. The course of the seminars consists of two sessions, where in the first session the children are taught excellent madrichim and lecturers from all over the CIS, and at the second session they show what they have already achieved by carrying out their projects and what skills they have achieved.

Throughout the CIS a very popular program is "AJTORAH" - this project is designed to study in the community not only the torah, but also many parables. Every community has the responsibility to carry out this lesson. For example, in Zaporozhye there is a teenager club called "JEWORLD." Alex Gorodetsky is a member who reflected on what this project means to him. Alex says: "I have been working this project for several years now, I like this project because I can teach the guys our Jewish history, every time I carefully prepare for the lesson, because I want to make sure I provide the highest quality information to my community.

Мария Гойденко is a BBG from AJT Ukraine and she can write upside down and backwards.

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