Israeli's Frustration with the Pandemic

October 25, 2020
Noam Alterman

Moshav K'far Shmuel, Israel

Class of 2023

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A few months ago, demonstrations across Israel erupted due to frustrations with Israel's management of the COVID-19 outbreak. These were not just small demonstrations—they were huge. Israeli citizens are tired of protesting and are calling upon the government to step up to fix the situation.

If you keep up with news about the Pandemic, you probably are aware that Israel has recently emerged as one of the worst hit countries for cases per 100,000 people. Hospitals are overflowing, students cannot go to school, people are afraid, and the government is in panic.

Regardless of where you stand on the Israeli political spectrum, it's not a secret that our government and population is having challenges—not to mention we've had three unsuccessful elections in the past two years. The unemployment rate is high, thousands of businesses are closed, and people feel abandoned by the government. The Israeli people are seeking stable leadership during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

The Coronavirus has pulled the curtain on many of the problems in our country. The government and citizens of Israel can no longer ignore so many of the issues our country is facing. I hope as the world begins to get a grip on how to tame the virus, Israel will begin to stabilize and address these arising challenges.

Noam Alterma is BBG and Maccabi Tzair leader from a small village in the middle of Israel.

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