Finding Motivation in Simple Things

January 17, 2020
Anya Kurocichina

Moldova, Chisinau

Class of 2022

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What will you do with the time you have? Go study, stay in bed, spend time with your friends or family, go on a cheap trip for the weekend, take a hike? Some of our experiences will depend on external factors, but in most cases, when we need to make a choice in life - we are in the driver’s seat. The psychology behind a decision or a choice is often lead by some internal process or impulse that we call motivation. It gives reason to action and stimulates our interest toward a particular goal. What if motivation did not exist? The truth is it always will because all motivations are a result of the interaction between our conscious and subconscious mind. The following stories are excerpts from moments of my life in which I was shocked by how I could get motivated:

In October I was traveling to Switzerland with a group of people from my country for intercultural exchange. The best of the best were selected for this amazing trip and I was baffled when I got a message confirming my application for the trip. When we arrived we were studying a lot and went on interesting excursions. 

I remember one particular day like it was yesterday, on Sunday we went to a big mountain located in the Alpine Area, and supervisors gave us 2 hours to walk around there. So all the girls started taking pictures when I realized that it was completely useless, to spend your time taking pictures when you are a lover of mountains! I was about to go sightseeing alone when two girls said that they want to go with me. Although I wanted some meditation alone, I couldn’t say no at that moment. The girls who joined me only took 5-6 steps and went back instantly as they were afraid of height, we were up to 3000 meters! But every time they hesitated, I said “Come on! Just some more! You can do it !” And we certainly had a little adrenaline rush! 

So with these words we walked 4 kilometers, with sweat and tears, we did it! 

In the evening the girls told me that I had motivated them, and suddenly I understood one thing - in our life, we can always find people who motivate us, so the true feeling of success is found when you motivate somebody else! I found it in the beautiful mountains surrounding by happy, crying girls...

The second story is related to the program ILSI from BBYO, this summer where I have spent the best 3 summers in Israel with you guys! During Shabbat, I chose the walking option and enjoyed mornings in sleepy cities, it was the best decision!  Imagine, Shabbat at 10:00 AM, 10-11 teens, the best guide, and-most importantly- SILENCE. Yeah, Shabbat in Israel is such a special thing and it’s quite interesting to watch people relax on a Saturday. When we were in Tzfat, a little boy was walking around with his parents outside, they were the only ones we saw because all the other families were at home celebrating. 

Another week we were in Jerusalem and our guide prepared a surprise for us! We were at the market which we saw the previous day, when it was crowded, but the day after, it was completely empty. In such moments motivation can come without any reason, so try to keep it! I found it in silence with amazing people!

Anya Kurocichina is a BBG from the AJT chapter in Chisinau, Moldova. Anya's surname in Russian also means chicken so her friends call her koko.

All views expressed on content written for The Shofar represent the opinions and thoughts of the individual authors. The author biography represents the author at the time in which they were in BBYO.

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