How to Tackle the College Process

April 5, 2019
Jenny Katz

Plano, Texas, United States

Class of 2019

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The college admission process is very overwhelming. I am a senior in the class of 2019. I have just gone through the college admission process, and I have learned some tips that can help anyone that is starting this process.

1. Make a list of schools

Write down any schools you even consider. Once this draft is complete, then do research and narrow down where you could see yourself. I applied to nine schools, but a majority of people apply to five or six. This list includes the scores to get in, cost, social life, and transportation. This list is useful to complete before you begin applying because now you have a resource with exactly what schools you want to apply to.


Start studying. The more you genuinely study and take the time with your busy schedule to put in the work, the quicker you won't have to do it again. I wish I had put more effort into these test in junior year to help relieve the stress of worrying about it for over a year and a half.  

3. Tour schools throughout High School. Don't be afraid to go back.

Touring the schools are the best way to truly understand if you see yourself there. I visited many schools during my sophomore, junior and senior year. I went back to one of the schools I was deciding between, and it helped make my decision. I would never have been this confident in my college decision if I hadn’t visited the campus a second time.

4. Start your long essay early

Starting the long essay early is one of the biggest stress relievers with the start of senior year. The prompts for the common application come out in the summer, so why not start brainstorming and drafting. I started on mine in June and was done with all of my edits and revisions in late August right when I was beginning my applications. This allowed me not to worry as much on my essay so that I could focus on the beginning of my senior year.   

5. Make a resume, list of activities and intended majors (or undecided) before you begin

By having your resume and an idea of what major to apply to, helped me fill out my application quicker because I had my GPA, activities, work experience, and honors already ready to go. Also, some schools ask you to send a resume in as well. This is one more thing off your list before you even start applying.

6. Do everything at your own pace

As soon as applications open everyone talks about “I submitted mine” or “I applied the next day, so I’ll get in.” Disregard all of this. Take our time with each application to make sure it is the best of your work. This is why they make the deadlines months from when the schools open the app.

7. Feel proud that you have finally reached this point in your life to prepare for the next big thing

I found that rewarding myself after I finished each application helped motivate me to complete the next one. These rewards were going to get ice cream, or just as simple as a movie date with friends. The college application process is very overwhelming, but at the same time inspiring to be moving forward with your education. Don’t forget to spend time having fun to have a fantastic senior year and create amazing memories with your best friends before you all depart for college!

All of these tips, I found and realized after I complete the application process myself. These all may apply to you or only some. But remember to take a deep breath, because senior year flies by in a blink of an eye and before you know it, you are freshman orientation.

Jenny Katz is a BBG from North Texas Oklahoma Region who has met her best friends through BBYO.

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