Dear Future BBG

December 11, 2023
Madi Brand

Bellmore, New York, United States

Class of 2027

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Dear Future BBG,

Hi! I’m so happy you have joined the amazing BBYO community. I know this new group of people and new experiences may be overwhelming at first, but believe me, this organization can give you the best memories in your life. You only have five years here, but they can be the best if you make them the best. I have a list of advice for you, and I hope you will listen because I can assure you that BBYO will give you an amazing support system and a place to be yourself.

  1. Try your best to become active in your chapter! Your chapter is a smaller group of BBGs and/or Alephs that are most likely the people living in your town or area. Becoming active in your chapter can help you meet new local friends and older or younger people who will always be there for you. My chapter made me the passionate BBG I have become, and I couldn’t ever thank them enough!
  1. Don’t be afraid to come out of your shell! When I first started BBYO, I was very shy and only came into the organization knowing 2 close friends. I was very nervous at first to meet new people, but showing up to my first event was one of the best decisions I have ever made! During icebreakers or  activities, don’t be afraid to speak up. I have learned that the B’nai B'rith Girls are the most supportive people I have ever met. BBGs welcome each other with open arms and want new faces to enjoy BBYO as much as they do. Don’t ever be too shy to ask for help or anything you need at an event; we are all here for each other.
  1. Take advantage of all of the leadership opportunities BBYO has to offer! One of the most valuable parts of BBYO is the leadership opportunities it has to offer! There are so many ways for members to be a leader in this organization. Running for your chapter, regional, or even international board is a great responsibility and a great way to get involved. There are so many different positions, all having their own unique responsibilities and challenges. Even if you are not on board, there are so many other places for you to shine. Being a chair for a board member applying for the ILN or your RLN (leadership networks on the international and regional level) are all great ways to be a leader, even if you're not on board. Even if you are not portraying a leadership role, your spirit in being a BBG is even more important, and you can still have the best experiences ever. I encourage taking a risk and applying for a leadership position because it can teach you so much about yourself and give you a chance to make a mark on this organization!
  1. Attend a Convention! Regional Conventions have easily turned into the best weekends of my life! Attending the Nassau Suffolk Regions Winter and Spring Conventions has made my BBYO experience as amazing as it is today. During the convention, I made the best friendships with teens all around the region and had meaningful Jewish experiences. One of my personal favorite moments of the convention is spent at Friday Night Shabbat and Havdalah! The services led by our regional Shlichim and the Shabbat Steerers are not only meaningful but also so much fun! BBGs and Alephs mosh and dance to your favorite Shabbat songs and have the best time. We also take some beautiful pictures with our friends before these events in our nice outfits. Another reason to attend conventions is the guest speakers and programming you will get to experience. I have learned so much more about myself and formed closer bonds with other members from my region by being engaged in convention activities. Activities that are the most important to me during the convention are definitely the beautiful and personal separates and spirit! I can talk for days about how much attending convention has changed my life, but this is only a little taste of how much fun these weekends are! So, if you have the chance, I highly recommend you take the jump to have the best weekend of your life!
  1. My final piece of advice: Make the most out of your experience! Being in BBYO, unfortunately, does not last forever, so make the most out of the time you have. Don’t hold back; attend that summer program, go on IC, run for that board position, or do whatever your heart desires in this organization. Don’t take a minute for granted, and savor every moment. These years can be the best years of your life if you make them! Over the past year and a half of being in BBYO, I can proudly say that this organization has completely changed me into a better person and has given me memories I will never forget. I want all BBGs to be able to experience the happy moments in this organization and have the best time of their lives. Every Jewish teen should get the opportunity to be a part of this lovely community with the best people and memories ready to be made. Every BBG should freely be able to share their love for BBYO with each other and find their safe space and their second home in this organization!

Submitted with undying love and devotion for,

Meeting my best friends, Finding my place, Regional Conventions, BBYO shabbats, separates, being a spirited BBG, making the most of my experience, The Nassau Suffolk Region #19 and my forever heart and home, Integrity BBG #0461, I forever and always remain,

Madison Haley Brand

One damn proud writer of The Shofar, and an even prouder BBG

Madi is a BBG from New York who loves to dance.

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