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September 6, 2019

Movement Updates

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Meet some of the amazing members of our BBYO Intern team:

Julia Flum:

Julia Flum is an incoming junior atAmerican University that is studying Psychology. Julia decided to intern at BBYO because the years she spent as a member were some of the best in her life and helped her to develop her Jewish identity and get involved with leadership opportunities. Since she attends school in DC and has always wanted to giveback to the organization, interning with BBYO has been the perfect job for her.She works as the Development intern in the Community Engagement department.  In the future, Julia’s goal is to actively follow her heart and pursue things she is passionate about. She loves to spend her free time exploring the nation’s capital by frequenting museums, trying new restaurants, and spending time with her friends and family.


Rachel Miller:

Rachel Miller is an incoming sophomore at the George Washington University that is planning on studying Non-Profit Management and Public Health. She chose to intern at BBYO because it was such a large part of her high school experience. BBYO also offers an internship program that is flexible and understanding of the concerns of college students, which she really likes. At BBYO, Rachel works as the Marketing intern. Rachel says that this internship has helped her gain more confidence since her coworkers value her ideas and opinions. In her spare time, she can be found cooking, baking, and exploring DC.


Dara Molotsky:

Dara Molotsky is a rising junior at theGeorge Washington University, majoring in Judaic Studies with minors in History and Communication. She plans to go into Jewish professionalism and work in theJewish non-profit world, particularly in youth engagement or experiential education. Dara is passionate about fighting anti-Semitism and working in the professional Jewish world would give her an awesome place to do so. At BBYO,Dara is the AZA & BBG intern. She decided to intern for BBYO because as a teen, BBYO taught her so much about herself and allowed her to discover her passion for the Jewish world. Therefore, she knew that working professionally for BBYO would be something that she had a deep connection to and was already passionate about. “Working at BBYO as professional, I know that the work I’m doing is directly impacting Jewish lives because of the first-hand experience I had. That is really special to me and makes the work that I do here meaningful and engaging.” In her free time, Dara is a GW tour guide, goes to cycling classes, and watches reality tv. In the future, she hopes to stay in DC since she loves it so much.

Ruthie Renberg:

Ruthie Renberg is an incoming sophomore at the University of Michigan, where she is studying Psychology and CreativeWriting. At BBYO, Ruthie works as the HR intern. BBYO was a very impactful experience in Ruthie’s teens, and she loved the idea of being able to give back to the organization that had done so much for her in high school. She chose to intern at BBYO because she wanted to experience a desk job while also feeling like she was doing meaningful work. Ruthie’s free time is spent hanging out with friends, going to the pool, and watching what her family classifies as “bad tv.” In the future, Ruthie hopes to write a book or two, travel, and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Brooke Steinman:

Brooke Steinman is a rising senior at Syracuse University where she is studying Citizenship and CivicEngagement, Communications and Rhetorical Studies, and Jewish Education. She is looking to work in the Jewish nonprofit field after graduation. At BBYO, Brooke works as the Development & Research intern in the Community Engagement Department. Interning at BBYO was a great way for her to immerse herself in the world of Jewish nonprofits. This summer in DC, when she isn’t at the BBYO office, she is also interning for the Jewish Community Relations Council ofGreater Washington, trying as many restaurants and bars as she can squeeze into one summer, and keeping busy with friends. She also loves to travel, shop, and brunch.

Arielle Noam:

Arielle Noam is a rising sophomore at the George Washington University, where she is studying Political Science and minoring in Organizational Science and Theatre. At BBYO, Arielle is the AZA & BBG Movement intern. She decided to intern at BBYO because her time in the organization as a participant had such a profound impact on her life, far beyond her high school years. Interning at BBYO has allowed her to further expand her skill set, continue engaging in global Jewish affairs, all while contributing to an organization she is deeply passionate about. In her spare time, Arielle can be found at SoulCycle, building new Spotify playlists, jamming out at concerts, and exploring the best restaurants in DC.

All views expressed on content written for The Shofar represent the opinions and thoughts of the individual authors. The author biography represents the author at the time in which they were in BBYO.

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