The Situation Currently Unfolding in Israel

October 10, 2023
Brandon Sorkin

Houston, Texas, United States

Class of 2026

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Shabbat in Israel is the holiest day of the week. A day meant for spending time with family and friends. This past Shabbat in Israel is nothing close to that.

On Saturday, many Israelis woke up to the sound of sirens wailing to find out later that the high-tech missile defense system (popularly known as the Iron Dome) had been shut down and broken by Hamas, allowing rockets to fly freely into Israel. And Hamas soldiers to enter Israel with ease. Shooting and taking hostage many Israelis.

Hundreds of young people at an all-night dance festival in southern Israel found themselves under fire. By Havdalah on Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces estimated there were still 200-300 Palestinian soldiers inside Israel.

Israel is under attack by Hamas, with the most Jewish people murdered in one day since the Holocaust.

So, what can you do to support?

There are various organizations you can donate to. Check out these thoughts from the Grand and International Boards, in support of Israel and directly to our brothers, sisters, and siblings in Maccabi Tzair.

You can reach out to friends you have in Israel and ensure their safety

Send prayers to Israel. 


Brandon Sorkin is an Aleph from Randy Reisbord AZA #1935 in Lonestar Region #73 and served his first Godol term as a second-semester Freshman!

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