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October 20, 2022
Shira Preis

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Class of 2025

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Cheer circles: the absolute epitome of the energy that BBYO brings. They are an integral part of every convention and can even be featured in regular chapter meetings sometimes. These cheers that are usually done after separates bring BBGs together as they scream their lungs out to their favorite cheers. However, not all cheers are created equal. Some of these cheers bond everyone and bring a whole new energy level into the room, while others may need to be retired as they mostly kill the spirit of the circle. Below is the list of best and worst cheers, in my opinion, based on observing and being part of many cheer circles myself.

#8- We Pledge to Thee

We Pledge to Thee is quite frankly boring. It honestly kills the mood because most people don’t even know the words that are being said. This results in a circle of BBGs standing around awkwardly with linked pinkies all wondering what they are supposed to be doing. While it is a classic and a longstanding BBG tradition, there are just better cheers.

#7- Identity

Identity is better than We Pledge to Thee, and while it’s not bad, it is just not better than any other cheer on this list. Half the time, in my region, Identity is left out of cheer circles, and understandably so. It just doesn’t bring the same energy as everything else. This cheer is best reserved for the backs of sweatshirts and trivia nights to see if you remember the words.

#6- Eei Eei Eei Oh

Again, Eei Eei Eei Oh isn’t bad, but it is just bland. This is not a BBYO-unique cheer and is done at camp Maccabiahs around the US. It doesn’t kill the energy levels, but it doesn’t exactly hype up others in the circle either.

#5- Heartbeat

Heartbeat is arguably the most well-known BBG unique cheer on this list, so I know most people won’t be happy that it is this low on my ranking. Heartbeat can be fun, however many times, the energy just dies during heartbeat. This happens for a number of reasons such as the flooring absorbing the beats instead of amplifying them, or just lackluster circle leaders can kill it so easily. However, it is a really fun tradition that every BBG should know.

#4- Little Sally Walker

Little Sally Walker is really fun and always boosts the whole room’s energy. However, it is a cheer not unique to BBYO, and after a couple of rounds, the energy initially brought by it starts to die down, as only two people are really participating at a time. However, It is a really fun one to show off your dance moves.

#3- Bump and Grind

Bump and Grind is the scariest cheer to be apart of on this whole list. However, that serves to only make it more fun. It is incredibly exciting to see each grouping getting in each other's faces, screaming this cheer out. It serves to split everyone, only to bring them back together through the power of cheer and dance.

#2- Reebok

Reebok truly embodies everything a good cheer circle should be. From the connectivity as you signal to your friends that you’re about to try, to the competitiveness as you race to the circle and work to stand your ground, Reebok is a fan favorite. This cheer could go on for a while without anyone getting bored, as people try to figure out new groups to form to make their way to the center of the circle. The energy goes straight through the roof when it is time to do this cheer as everyone starts screaming the words at the top of their lungs.

#1- East to West

There is arguably no cheer better than East to West. Although, this is not a BBYO original cheer it does not matter much as generations of BBGs continue to customize this cheer. This cheer is a great mix of tradition and each person/region/chapter’s own spin. If you asked almost any BBG, they would have a favorite set from this cheer, but they would also be able to come up with a new cheer that fits the format almost immediately. This means that the cheer can work for any inside joke and personality. It is truly adaptive and it takes up the majority of time during the circle, due to people constantly making up their own chants to go along with it. This cheer brings the most spirit out of everyone in the circle and is extremely fun to be apart of.

Whether or not you agree with this list, one thing that every BBG can agree on is that spirit circles rock. Remember that if you still have a voice afterward, you did it wrong, and keep cheering on!

Shira Preis is a BBG who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and she has two adorable puppies, Nessa and Bean.

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