Spending Time With Your Friends Over Quarantine

December 18, 2020
Rebecca Safra

Rockville, Maryland, United States

Class of 2022

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During this time of isolation, it can be hard to be alone without any social interactions. Talking with friends and keeping in touch is so important to keep us all, especially as teens, mentally well. Luckily, there are so many ways to stay in touch with your friends online, or depending on your community’s guidelines, at home in a socially distant manner. Here is my list of things you can do with your friends!

1. Zoom Games
Talking to your friends, in general, is so important and fun, but Zoom has so many different settings that make it super fun to do different games. One game I like to do is Pictionary with the drawing tool.

2. Among Us
I downloaded Among Us a few weeks ago, and it’s bad how often I’ve been on the app. It’s mysterious and engaging, especially with your friends. If you want to bring your game to the next level, you can even play hide and seek on the app.

3. Netflix Party
I tried to share my screen on zoom to watch a Disney Plus movie but sadly, it didn’t work. Netflix Party is the next best thing. One of your friends can set up an account and everybody else can watch and chat along.

4. Brunch
If you’re comfortable leaving the house, you can have a social distanced brunch (or other meal) with your friends. In Maryland, Silver Diner is a hotspot but you can get takeout pretty much anywhere and eat it outside with your friends.

5. Send letters
Sending letters is a classic way to stay in touch and it’s more meaningful than just texting. My friends and I like to send each other little brochures and drawings. This is my favorite way to release my inner artist. To spice this up, you send candles to each other (what BBG doesn’t love candles?).

6. Cooking experiments
I know that if I ever went on a cooking show, I would utterly fail, but you can do it alongside your friends on Zoom. You can find a recipe that you all try to recreate and see who can remake it best.

7. Upcycle/ trade clothes
Pinterest will be your best friend if you have any old clothes that you want to make brand new again! You and your friends can have a virtual fashion show and even drop off outfits for each other.

8.  Powerpoint Night
You and your friends can make Powerpoints about extremely random topics, and then present them to each other. This ends up being hilarious and it’s a great way to express your weirdest thoughts.

Rebecca Safra is a BBG from Northern Region East: DC and loves graphic design and making new friends.

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