Appreciating Our Gator Mommas

May 22, 2019
Heather Saxe

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Class of 2021

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The definition of advisor is, “a person who gives advice in a particular field.” In BBYO, however, advisors are much more than someone who just gives advice. March was advisor appreciation month and I wanted to show how my chapter, Helene Gorbena BBG #1938, has made incredible improvements because of our amazing advisors. Our advisors are amazing, and I want you to know all about them!

Advisors deserve so much credit for all the help they give. From helping at meetings, to supporting our board, and to just being there to encourage us, our advisors have done so much for Helene Gorbena BBG. All BBYO advisors work so hard on behalf of their chapters. A lot of advisors tend to be alumni of BBYO and sometimes even alumni of their own chapters that they are advising, like in my chapter. Personally, I find it so amazing that BBYO advisors are all volunteers! They aren’t getting paid to support us or to become best friends with us, or to be someone we can always come to. Advisors do this work out of the kindness of their hearts. For that, we are all forever grateful.

They aren’t getting paid to support us or to become best friends with us, or to be someone we can always come to. Advisors do this work out of the kindness of their hearts. For that, we are all forever grateful.

My name is Heather Saxe and I hail from Helene Gorbena BBG #1938 in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Mountain Region #47. I am so lucky to have such amazing, dedicated, and caring advisors. This is my thank you to my advisors for all of the great work they have done and all of the time they have committed to us. We are all so thankful and appreciative for the work they do.

Ever since I joined my chapter in 8th grade, Helene Gorbena BBG #1938, I have spent a lot of time with many different, but equally as incredible, advisors. In 8th grade, my advisors were Danica Torchin and Marissa Spivak. Danica and Marissa came to every single program and they both dedicated so much time to our sisterhood. I am so grateful to have had these two amazing Momma Gators for my first year of BBYO. Danica was always a ray of sunshine; her smile brightened every room she walked into. They really cared for us. They were always there for everyone in the chapter and they were always so supportive. When Marissa had to leave our chapter for new opportunities, Danica stepped up and continued being our solo-Gator-Momma.

After some time, Danica did bring on another advisor to be a co-Gator-Momma with her. She brought onDana Amster to help advise our chapter. Danica and Dana were in Helene Gorbena BBG together and have a friendship that is so close and strong. Dana was the breath of fresh air that our chapter needed. Dana got right down to business and helped us to be the best chapter we could be. She was vital for our chapter's future and for that, I am so thankful. Dana and Danica were a big help for me especially when I was elected N’siah as a freshman. I needed some help commanding the chapter because I was still so new to BBYO. Danica and Dana were an immense help when I took on this overwhelming task. My board and I couldn’t have made the strides and advancements in the chapter without Danica’s and Dana’s support. We were so sad when Dana left our chapter to pursue other things. Though we really miss Dana, we know she is going to do incredible work in her field and we thank her for all the help she provided our chapter. We couldn't have done it without her!

Danica remained our Gator Momma and has always shown compassionate love throughout all our chapter transitions. Last summer, we got a new advisor to co-Gator-Momma our chapter with Danica. Maddie Lapping, a Helene Gorbena BBG alumni, became one of our new advisors. Just how it was with Dana, our BBGs and her developed an instant connection. Danica and Maddie were in Helene Gorbena BBG together, and have been able to maintain a strong friendship for years. Maddie and Danica have done a phenomenal job at advising our chapter. The chapter’s sisterhood has been at an all-time high. The chapter is thriving thanks to their amazing chapter advising. Maddie, you have dedicated so much to this chapter and have been a big help for all of us. You make everything so much fun– even five hour rides home from convention!

In September of this year, Danica Torchin became Las Vegas’ City Director. After years of commitment to our chapter and the international order, Danica was able to pursue a full-time job working with Las Vegas Alephs and BBGs. Danica: it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Ever since Danica has become our city director, the city as a whole has improved so much. Our community engagement has increased, we've put on stronger programming, our membership is growing, and so many more improvements have been made in such a short amount of time. Las Vegas BBYO and Mountain Region BBYO have been blessed to have Danica as our City Director. Danica, thank you for your time, love, and excitement about our chapter, the city, our region, and the international order. Thank you for being a smiling face I am so lucky to see each week.

Thank you, Marissa, for your constant support and love.

Thank you, Dana, for your motivation and persistence.

Thank you, Maddie, for your positivity and assurance you provide.

Thank you, Danica, for your ideas, time, hard work, and commitment.

To my advisors: thank you for all your love.

Without your guidance, Helene Gorbena BBG #1938 would not be where we are today. Without your support, your motivation, your positivity, your ideas, your time- we just wouldn’t be the same.

Thank you for everything.

With love,

Heather Saxe

Heather Saxe is a BBG from Mountain Region who enjoys drawing and reading comic books.

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