A Love Letter to Chapter N’siah

June 2, 2023
Julia Bakman

Los Angeles, California, United States

Class of 2025

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As I reflect on my terms as N’siah, I have come to realize the influence of BBYO in shaping the lives of Jewish teens. It extends beyond individual experiences, uniting us all as a community, and bonding us through our Judaism. From being Shuk Chair, a Spring Con Steerer, helping to design IC spirit packs, taking on the roles of chapter S’ganit and Gizborit, to winning BBG of the Year and being elected Pacific Western Region's 12th Regional Gizborit, each role has contributed to my personal growth and deepened my connection to BBYO. The motto of BBG, "Together as one, forever united," perfectly encapsulates the impact of this organization across the international order and the lasting connections it creates and nurtures.
Taking on the role of N'siah was both an honor and a challenge. It was something that has been pinned on my vision board, something I knew I would achieve since the day I came to my first chapter meeting. It allowed me to embrace the responsibilities and duties that come with leadership, pushing me out of my comfort zone and teaching me invaluable lessons. Through endless initiatives, meetings, events, and projects, our chapter thrived, and I witnessed firsthand the impact BBYO can have on individuals and on a larger scale. It was truly a transformative experience that left a mark on my journey of growth and developing myself as a leader and will stay with me when my time in this organization ends.
But it was more than just personal growth and empowerment; it was the sense of unity that bloomed within our chapter, Lilith BBG. BBYO creates an environment that fuels connections, strengthens bonds, and cultivates a deep sense of togetherness. "Together as one, forever united," resonates within me. It embodies the spirit of BBG, a community of Being N'siah allowed me to grow and discover new things about myself. I gained inner strength by overcoming challenges and learned valuable leadership skills. Attending International Convention (IC) 2023 in Dallas, Texas was a highlight of my BBYO journey. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by passionate teens from around the world who share our BBYO values. IC reinforced my belief in the power of BBYO to make a positive impact on an international scale. The workshops, speakers, and connections I made at IC were transformative. The memories and lessons from IC will always hold a special place in my heart, reminding me of the profound impact BBYO has on individuals and communities. As N'siah, I became even more connected to BBYO as a whole. I formed meaningful friendships with members from different chapters and regions, which opened my eyes to the wide-reaching impact of this organization. Attending conventions like, IC, PWR’s surfs up spring con and battle of the cabins, and experiencing inspiring moments with everyone throughout these last two terms strengthened my dedication to BBYO's mission.
As I finish this letter, I extend an invitation to each and every one of you. Embrace the leadership opportunities within BBYO and embrace the transformative power that lies within this organization. Run for chapter board, plan that program, steer that convention, and join that committee. Together, we can continue to shape a brighter future, prioritize inclusivity, engagement, and positive change. Thank you BBG & chapter N’siah for changing my life for the better, and for allowing me to witness the incredible power of working together towards achieving a greater goal.

Gratefully submitted with undying love, Julia Bakman, a forever proud BBG.

Julia Bakman is a BBG from Lilith BBG in Pacific Western Region. When she’s not at a BBYO event, you can find Julia reading a good book or going to a concert with friends!

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