Your First International Convention: What to Expect

February 28, 2020
Jeremy Hasson

Rockville, Maryland, United States

Class of 2020

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AZA/BBG International Convention, the movement's best moment of the year, you're probably wondering what to expect if this is your first IC. I am here to tell you five moments that you should look forward to this coming February in Dallas to celebrate the 96th year of AZA and the 76th year of BBG, and of course, celebrate #TomorrowHappensHere. 

Opening Ceremonies: 

The beginning of IC! There is nothing quite like it, with all of the regions and countries in BBYO celebrating what it means to be a Jewish teen leader. You will get to hear incredible speakers, which you will also see throughout the weekend, and of course the surprise performer, this is what sets the tone for the weekend and helps build the hype for the whole convention.


If this is your first IC, you're probably wondering what LEADS Day is. Well, during this fantastic program at IC, you'll have an amazing opportunity to experience a leadership track of your choice. You get to explore the host city, and learn from professionals in almost every single industry you can think of, whether it's any technology, food, activism, and everything in between, there is a track for that.  LEADS day is one of the centerpieces of what makes International Convention so unique.


Shabbat at IC is unlike no other Shabbat experience you have ever had, or most likely ever will have. With over 20 options of services on both Friday night and Saturday morning, there is most definitely something for everyone, and I mean everyone. Whether you like traditional services, camp services, or musical services or anything else you can think of, we have it at IC! Also, Havdallah, the ceremony on Saturday night to end Shabbat, is super special at IC.


Do you think you experienced a true BBYO Havdallah service? Well, in my opinion, you haven't until you experience what Havdallah is like at IC. The feeling you get when you're with over 3000 of the world's best Jewish teen leaders with their arms around each other singing the words of Havdallah, there is nothing quite like it, and it is such a powerful and moving experience, that you'll look forward to for the whole weekend.

The Concert: 

The concert is the most hype part of IC, in my opinion, it's the moment everyone looks forward to. No matter who is performing, it will be spectacular, and it will be the most fun you will have during the entire year of 2020. It is so much to see everyone dancing and singing along with the performers. I had never seen anything like it before I went to my first IC.

Jeremy Hasson is an Aleph from Northern Region East: DC Council and is an avid sports fan and photographer.

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