I Love Regional Business Meetings and You Should Too

February 3, 2023
Kyra Shevis

Orange, Connecticut, United States

Class of 2023

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Upon learning of the BBYO convention tradition of business meetings, many new members are not thrilled. “Why would I want to sit through a meeting?” “Is it going to take long?” Despite many protests, I believe that regional business meetings are extremely special and even fun! 

The primary goal of business meetings is to learn about what has been happening, both on the chapter and regional level. This gives members insight into cool programs throughout the region and maybe even some ideas for their chapter. As each regional board member reads their officer report, the members of the region gain insight into the hard work they have done and the accomplishments of both them and their counterparts. For example, successful fundraisers, recruitment goals, or an event with a large turn out. Not only do members learn about the incredible accomplishments of their region, but they also hear from each chapter president. The chapter presidents will share news such as how many members they currently have, the chapter’s Stand UP cause, and what their recent events have been. This gives chapters a chance to show off all they have done so far and celebrate their accomplishments. The presidents will also share their chapter’s “home ofs.” Home ofs are essentially inside jokes that a chapter shares, often leading to giggles coming from a particular chapter. While mainly only accomplishments within BBYO are discussed during business meetings, occasionally a region may take a moment to celebrate the personal achievements of a particular staff, advisor, or member. During my time in BBYO, we have had a variety of these celebrations. One that was particularly special, was a surprise baby shower that was thrown for a regional staff member this past year. 

Every regional business meeting, no matter what convention or what news is shared, is extremely special. Each member partakes in the traditions and customs of members before them. When it comes to BBG business meetings, the traditions are endless. Upon entering the room, each chapter is announced with adjectives to describe their BBGS, starting with the letter of their chapter. This is followed by the familiar chant of “B'nai B'rith Girls, B'nai B'rith Girls, B'nai B'rith Girls”. During the meeting, you will often hear members call out saying things such as “motion!” or “1-800-BBG.” To close out the meeting, everyone joins hands as they sing the international BBG song. 

Although I know that business meetings are often long and it can feel like a lot to sit through, it is important to think about the many traditions and opportunities throughout them. Next time you’re at a business meeting, maybe submit a legislation or read one of the menorah pledge principles, get involved and enjoy the experience!

Kyra Shevis is a BBG from Connecticut Valley Region who loves s'mores and baby goats!

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